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Book Trailer is LIVE + Pre-Orders are ON

by Marissa on May 24, 2016


In October 2015, I got an email that was the sign and the opportunity I needed to write the book I had always dreamed of as an NYC health coach. With that, I put pen to paper (ok, so I typed, but you get it), and poured out my heart and soul. Convinced nobody would read my book, I told my story in a way I never had before. 

But, now, people are reading it and what they’re saying has me convinced that every woman who has ever yo-yo dieted, felt confused about what to eat and when or how or experienced the paralysis that comes with the never-ending cycle of self-judgment NEEDS this book. 

Readers are calling it “relatable”, “a page turner,” they’re saying they can “identify” with it. 

And while it saddens me that we live in a world that has created a culture of women who harbor an unhealthy relationship with food, it makes me happy to share my very vulnerable story to be in service to those who need it. 

So what does Holistically Hot mean?

Good question. In fact, I’m asked a lot. 

My book trailer is LIVE and explains Holistically Hot in under a minute.

Also, right now you can get early access to my book which gets you a handful of exclusive bonuses!

So, watch the trailer, pre-order the book, get the bonuses then tell me what ‘ya think and start putting it all into practice!! 

So about those bonuses? Here’s what’s included: 

  • A beautiful downloadable meal planner so you can stay organized and plan healthy meals for the week ahead.
  • 25% savings on Marissa’s group or private coaching, so you can take what you’ve learned even deeper
  • new and improved 3-minute Breakfasts eBook with Marissa’s favorite recipes that will have you out the door in no time with a nutritious start to your day
  • A colorful bookmark with motivational mantras that will keep your place in the book so you stay on track with your wellness goals
  • signed copy of the book

Books and bonuses are only available until June 5 or until pre-order copies sell out – and they’re going fast!! 

CLICK HERE to Pre-Order!


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