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52 Lists Project: Soundtrack of My Life

by Marissa on February 16, 2017

52 Lists Project - Goals and Dreams - Where I Need to Be

It’s time for List #4. Well, it’s really past time. Like, several weeks past. I’m really behind on these and slowly catching up, but I’m not sure I’ll continue to post on the blog after this one. Unless you guys really love them. If so, let me know, but if not, I may just keep them private. 

Ok, so this one was easy. A few years ago I created a video that depicted a day in my life as a health coach and business owner. The song I chose for the video’s soundtrack? Good Life by OneRepublic. At the time, it was popular and every time I heard that song, it filled me with such joy and hope for the life I have – the one I created, because I’ve taken risks in my life, pushed through fear and haven’t settled for standing still or staying stuck.

The truth is, even five years later, I still feel overwhelmed with emotion when I hear that song. I love my life, yet let’s not breeze over the fact that there’s a lot of ugliness happening in the world right now and it can be impossible to find meaning and good, even in everyday existence. Good Life is a reminder that we’re all connected as brothers and sisters regardless of where we come from.

You can see the lyrics here.

If you’re feeling hopeless, angry, sad or frustrated right now, I urge you to take inspired action be it big or small. Focus inward, but don’t ignore what’s going on outside. While I’ve chosen to not march or demonstrate, I’m making an effort to be more compassionate and going out of my way to be kinder.

Last week, it was cold and pouring rain. I was rushing home from the subway when I noticed that a woman walking toward me had dropped her Metro Card but she didn’t notice. She was getting further away so I called after her, but my voice doesn’t carry, so I scooped down to pick it up. In that moment, a woman with a cane who had seen it happen used her much louder voice to call after the woman, though she couldn’t have picked up the card herself. I ran to catch up with the woman just as she heard the woman with the cane calling out to her. Talk about teamwork among perfect strangers! It was the kind of moment that filled me with love for humankind. It’s still there, we may just have to look harder for it, or create it ourselves in fleeting moments.

So, what’s the soundtrack for your life right now? For me, it’s one song, but you may have many. Think about what gives meaning to your life. Is there music that reflects it?

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