Showing Up

showing up

Lately I’ve been thinking about “showing up” and how I “show up” in my life both personally and professionally. 

Living in a fast-paced city like New York, there are a lot of opportunities and invitations. I can’t possibly attend everything, but I try to be really mindful about what I do commit to. 

And when I’ve accepted an invitation, I’m fully committed. While things do come up, I do my best – everything in my power- to show up. 

I wasn’t always this intentional. 

There was a time in my life when I would have haphazardly accepted invitations and blown them off for something better or because I was tired or “had to work late”. 

Not anymore. 

Through my spiritual practice and personal experience, I’ve realized that flaking and canceling isn’t the way I want to “show up” for myself or life in general, because the way you do one thing, is the way you do everything. 

Why do I choose to “show up” when it’s often easier not to? 

  • I value the commitments I make 
  • I want to be the type of person who is accountable, reliable and committed so that’s who I “show up” as
  • I trust that the Universe brought an event or opportunity to me and if I agreed to go, there is a reason why: a person I’m supposed to meet, an experience I’m supposed to have, a door I’m meant to walk through or something I need to learn
  • Experience has taught me I never regret showing up but I’ve always felt bad about not showing up 
  • Following through is one way I honor myself 

Does this ring true for you too? 

How do you show up and is it aligned with how you want to be in this world? 

Healthy Hot Spot: Cevich


Cevich NYLiving in Lower Manhattan for the past six years was glorious but it posed it’s challenges when it came to options for a quick and healthy meal on-the-go. If we wanted that quick and healthy meal to be delivered? Good luck. 

Now that we’ve moved, the options seem limitless. Of course, I’m still a big fan of cooking at home but when we want to go out or order in, we don’t have to go far. 

When I discovered Cevich, I was overjoyed not only because the food is so very fresh – and healthy-, but also because it’s different than your run-of-the-mill healthy restaurant; like for those moments when you just can’t eat one more Brussels sprout.

Everything is made in-house with the freshest ingredients and Greenmarket produce and almost everything is gluten-free and can be made vegan, vegetarian or paleo-friendly. 

A restaurant industry veteran transplant from Miami, founder Lindsey Goldstein conceptualized Cevich based on her own love of the restaurant’s signature South American dish, ceviche. Cevich offers a ‘build your own’ style ceviche menu similar to those that Lindsey used to create on her dining room table for herself and friends. 

Cevich nycWhat I Ate: Founder Lindsay Goldstein invited me in for a tasting of their five styles of ceviche, guacamole and chips and a taco. 

When I Dined: Sunday afternoon. 

Also On the Healthy Side: Unwrapped burritos and Ceviche Bowls are also available. 

Be In the Know: Portions are on the smaller side. They fill me up, but men or those with big or ravenous appetites may need to order more. Slow -roasted, pulled chicken is also available. 


cevich nyc 





21 East 15t Street 

New York, NY 10003



Healthy Hot Spot: A Healthy Juice Bar in Miami {The Juice Spot}

Until now I’ve limited my healthy hot spot posts to Manhattan, but I just had to share this gem of a healthy juice bar in Miami David and I found on a recent trip there. In desperate need of some R&R (and Vitamin D!), David and I ventured down to Miami for Memorial Day weekend. We’re not big fans of South Beach so whenever we go we stay in downtown Miami.

healthy juice bar in miamiOn our previous trips, it had been difficult to find healthy options in that part of town but this time we were pleasantly surprised that a Yelp search turned up a few options, including The Juice Spot just a short half-mile walk from our hotel. It’s dubbed “Miami’s first wifi bar fully equipped with organic cold pressed juices, superfood smoothies, Acai and oatmeal bowls.” But it’s real claim to fame is that LeBron James’ wife, Savannah James, is the owner.

After our first visit, we promptly returned after our workout every  morning we were there and felt fueled and pleasantly satisfied until it came time for lunch by the pool. I’m pretty particular when it comes to smoothies and theirs were so delicious and the perfect consistency and temperature. Plus, you can’t beat those straws! We also loved loved loved the acai bowl.

What I Ate: Smooth Hydrator Juice, Get Zen Smoothie, Peanut Butter Dream Smoothie, R&R Smoothie and the Acai Bowl

When We Dined: Every morning of Memorial Day weekend

Also On the Healthy Side: All of it!

Be In the Know: Most smoothies are listed with whey protein. They have hemp protein but it’s not on the menu. Just ask!


healthy juice bar in miami

1800 SW  1st Ave. #104

Miami, FL 33129


Healthy Hot Spot: Jack’s Wife Freda

Jack's Wife Freda

I have to be honest, for two whole years the SoHo cafe Jack’s Wife Freda has been on my never ending wish list of NYC restaurants to try– the name alone makes it intriguing —  but for whatever reason I kept missing it. Luckily, I had the chance to go  last weekend with Women Who Brunch and am happy to say, it could become a new favorite. It’ll take at least a few more visits to work my way through the menu which says a lot for a picky eater like me who tends to stick with the same one or two dishes at any given place.

What I Ate: Mashed Avocado on Seeded Bread with cherry tomato jam and pickled carrots (I requested to add a poached egg), fresh mint tea, cantaloupe mimosa

Jack's Wife Freda When We Dined: Brunch, Sunday

Also On the Healthy Side: The Middle Eastern-meets-South African menu inspired by the husband-and-wife owners’ backgrounds offers several healthy options from Fish a la Plancha to Greek Salad. Kale makes a few happy appearances and you can opt for a side of arugula (instead of fries) with any entree.

Be In the Know: Skip going on cold days or busy times like brunch and late nights. The tiny space gets huge drafts when the door opens.


Jack's Wife Freda

224 Lafayette Street.

New York, NY 10012.

212 510 8550.

Healthy Hot Spot: The Butcher’s Daughter

Healthy Hot Spot - The Butcher's Daughter

It’s been forever since I’ve written a Healthy Hot Spot post. Why? Because David and I are eating at home more than ever and we love it. We DO get out on occasion (a girl’s gotta live a little!). But I swear now that my belly is used to home-cooked food, restaurant food mostly feels too heavy and salty.

Then we stepped foot into The Butcher’s Daughter  and that all changed — at least for a few hours.

I have to say we weren’t too sure about this place. We’d driven by a few times, the reviews were a little hit or miss and David’s hard to convince on vegan food. I think the word “Butcher” in the name could have helped in this case.

Healthy Hot Spot  The Butcher's Daughter

We approached the vegan-inspired Nolita eatery with hesitation but once inside we were instantly taken with the bright, sunny space and chill vibe.

All very inviting.

While the namesake would suggest otherwise, the menu is in fact mostly vegan with smoothies and juices galore, and a few egg dishes sprinkled in.

All local, fresh and sustainable right down to the reclaimed wood and fixtures.

The restaurant was packed for lunch late on a Sunday afternoon but we were able to squeeze into two seats at the communal table.

Healthy Hot Spot  The Butcher's DaughterWhat We Ate: Green Day Elixir Shot (wheatgrass, jalapeno, cilantro lime) to start then we shared the Best Kale Salad and The Grateful Veg sandwich.

When We Dined: Lunch, Sunday

Also On the Healthy Side: Everything. You can’t go wrong.

Be In the Know: Go early for the best selection. Popular menu items and daily specials tend to sell out.



19 Kenmare Street.

New York, NY 10012.

212 219 3434.