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Notes from the Weekend: January Miscellany

by Marissa on January 16, 2017

My first week back from vacation saw it’s fair share of jet lag and laundry, so I was happy to have a relaxing weekend at home. Anyone else feel like the first month of the year always seems to be a little blah after coming down from the holidays? Me too. Nevertheless, here are a few of my weekend highlights. 


After working late on Friday waiting for David to get home from a business trip, I was ready to get out bright and early on Saturday morning. I saw that Liftonic was new to FitReserve, so I booked a spot in class. The focus is on lifting free weights with overhead screens so you can see the instructor. While I like the concept, it seemed that many people in my class were new to lifting weights and didn’t have proper form so I could see the potential for injury with this.  


On Saturday afternoon, I headed to Breathe Salt Roms for my third session in a salt cave. I’ll be writing a more detailed post on this, but I like breathing the fresh salt air and spending the 25-minute session meditating. 


On Sunday, I was a guest at Namaste Bookshop’s Spiritual Book Club. The group was friendly and welcoming and I was humbled to hear how much Your Holistically Hot Transformation had impacted each of their lives in different ways. Someone even said, “this book is a gift”, which warmed my heart. 

After the book club, I met David for a movie. We saw Patriot’s Day, which was hard to watch, but ended up being a good and informative account of exactly what happened the day of the Boston Marathon bombings. 

How was your weekend? Do you agree that the first month of the year is always a little blah? 




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