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Cabo San Lucas ‘Planningmoon’

by Marissa on November 18, 2014

Cabo San Lucas

For most major life decisions, I listen to my head, but there are times when I find my heart wins. Our wedding, in particular, has been more heart-driven. 

We chose our wedding venue in the most unconventional way when a couple of months into planning a November NYC wedding (for just two weeks after the marathon), I decided to take a step back and re-evaluate.

Right after our engagement, I had visited my family in Louisville where my mom left the bridal issue of a local magazine in my bedroom. I almost left it there as I was packing to leave but instead stashed it in my carry on. 

As I flipped through the pages on my flight back to NYC, one wedding in particular caught my eye – a destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 

David and I had previously discussed and ruled out a destination wedding. Intrigued by the bride’s style and the venue (David and I took our first-ever vacation in Cabo), I tore out the page of the magazine and tucked it in my notebook. Another month went by and in the midst of a negotiation struggle with our chosen NYC reception space, I came across that tear-page and Googled the venue. 

As the web page loaded and I clicked through the photo gallery, I cried. 

Suddenly, getting married in New York City felt all wrong. 

I knew with every part of me, in the same way I knew that David would one day be my husband, that this place in Cabo was where I wanted to get married. There was no place else for us. David agreed and a few phone calls and emails later, we were on our way to planning our destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas. 

After four months of training for the New York City Marathon, buying a home and moving, David and I were ready for a mini-break. So off we went to Cabo!

We wanted to meet with our wedding planner, tour our venues in person and see first-hand how Cabo fared in the wake of the recent hurricane. 

The pictures hardly do it justice but let’s just say, we cannot wait to celebrate with our family and friends in a few short months. There is some damage, luckily not to any of our venues. They are quickly re-building and welcoming tourists. 

I’m so glad I listened to my heart on this one!

Do you typically listen to your heart or your head? 





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