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Want to Lose Weight? Stop Doing This ONE Thing!

by Marissa on January 21, 2015

lose weight

Many would-be coaching clients come to me wanting to lose weight – the last five or ten pounds to be exact. 

I often get emails from women desperate to “lean out,” counting macros down to the milligram and “eating clean” to exhaustion, frustrated that nothing has happened. 

I totally know the feeling. 

For most of my 20’s I felt the same way. If I was just a few pounds thinner, then it seemed like all the missing pieces of my life’s puzzle would fall into place. Everything would be exactly as I wanted it to be. 

I’d weigh myself every single day hoping those last few pounds had disappeared. 

They never did. 

I’d run a marathon! That would be the ticket to my coveted goal weight. 

It wasn’t. 

I exercised daily and ate healthy. 

I didn’t get it until I got it. 

It all kind of happened at once, but eventually I stopped caring. 

I got busy launching a career in health coaching and fell in love with a hobby-turned-career. 

I saw myself with a purpose to be of service and fell in love with me. 

I was effortlessly dating someone who saw past all my flaws and I fell in love with him. 

And my weight? Suddenly, it could wait. 

I’ve learned that if you want to lose the weight, you have to stop obsessing. 

… about the number on the scale. 

… about every last morsel of food you put in your mouth. 

… about being perfect. 

Why does obsessing counteract your efforts?

Your body’s typical reaction to stress is a fight or flight response that raises hormone levels. The process is self regulating so once the stress is gone, hormone levels go back to normal.

But …. chronic stress (yes, this includes constant worry about what you’re eating and too many grueling workouts) plus all the typical everyday stressors like work, family and relationships will keep those hormone levels elevated for a prolonged period of time.

The result? Your body will hang right on to that weight. 

Live more. 

Laugh more. 

Love more. 

And trust that everything will be as it should. 

Do you find yourself obsessing over your weight or have you learned how not to? Share your story below in the comments. 

If you want to learn how to get better at the live, laugh, love part – contact me for a powerful one on one sample coaching session. 




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