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How to Not Get Bored While Running

by Marissa on October 2, 2015

how to not get bored while running

This post is sponsored by Wellcoin. All opinions are my own. 

Sunrise. It’s my favorite time of day. 

There’s something about the city before it wakes up. The stillness. The quiet you just don’t get at any other time of day. 

This is the time I set aside for me. For running. 

Needless to say, I’ve amassed quite a few of these photos – in sunshine, rain and snow; in darkness and in light. To the average person, they may seem cliche, but to me, it never gets old.

how to not get bored while running

It’s like me and my fellow early-riser runners are part of a secret society.  We exchange half-smiles and knowing glances as our feet hit the pavement and we trade our morning miles for fresh air, clear heads and productive energy. 

I’m a dedicated runner yet I’d be lying if I said I never get bored while running. It sort of comes with the territory. Having been running for almost 16 years, there have been many moments of boredom. 

Right now, I happen to be in a stretch of running euphoria. Typically I know how to not get bored while running and it always seems to work to pull me out of a running rut. 

  • Use an App: Or two or three. Seriously, the more apps I use that track my miles or allow me to donate to charity for running my miles, the more motivated I am to get outside and run regardless of how early it is. My latest app obsession is Wellcoin. It lets me log my healthy activities like running or eating a healthy breakfast –  in exchange for coins. I can then trade the coins I earn for gifts like yoga classes, fitness apparel (even new running shoes!) and Whole Foods gift cards. For every 10 minutes of running, I earn 10 well coins. 
  • Refresh Your Music: Every time I download new music, I’m amazed at how it seems to breathe new life into my runs. Likewise, sometimes just letting myself run without music can do the same. Sound horrible? Try it! Listening to your breath and letting your mind get clear is meditative. 
  • Buy New Gear: The mornings have been cooler so I’m wearing long-sleeved tops lately and I always like to switch up my shoes. New running shoes and gear can motivate me out the door no matter what. Yet another good reason to use Wellcoin and earn your new gear since we all know how expensive it can be. 
  • Change Your Route: Running the same route everyday can be a snooze-fest after awhile. When we first moved last year, I was super excited to start running on the East River running path again but it soon got old. With David training for the marathon, we’ve been mixing up the route to keep things fresh and I’ve been challenging myself with more miles than usual. 

What would you add to this list? What are your tips for how not to get bored while running? 




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