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Food Find: Tempt Hemp Protein Powder

by Marissa on November 15, 2011

My twice weekly kettlebell sessions with my personal trainer, Cindy Lai, are not your average workout. They challenge my body in a way that I haven’t felt challenged by a workout in a long time. But as I always tell my clients, exercise is only part of the equation. Diet is the other.

I certainly eat well but I thought I could benefit by being more conscious of my protein intake. As someone who eats a primarily vegan diet – my options are, well, different. There is tofu, tempeh, lentils, beans, nut and nut butters and seeds so I started by adding more of those. I also wanted to find a way to give my morning smoothies a protein boost. I’ve never been comfortable with protein powders but I AM comfortable with the benefits of hemp seeds. Vegan athletes sing the praises of hemp protein powder so I investigated.

I found Tempt by Living Harvest, a raw, organic, cold-pressed formula. This blends easily into my smoothies with no aftertaste. I feel comfortable consuming it because I know the ingredients on the label are safe and the product is wholesome and minimally processed. I always recommend using the whole food whenever possible but sometimes life calls for short cuts.

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Hemp protein is an excellent natural nutritional diet supplement that has naturally blended protein composition which is highly important for healthy body and mind. It is an important source of amino acids, dietary fiber and essential fatty acids that offer improved body metabolism, enhanced energy levels, lowering of cholesterol levels, better immune activity, reduced food craving etc. Thanks a lot.Creapure

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