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How to Beat the Winter Blues

by Marissa on February 26, 2018

How to beat the Winter Blues | Marissa Vicario | golden milk

I’m not sure about where you live, but in New York City, it has been raining for a week straight. While we’ve gotten some relief from freezing cold temperatures, the dark, damp and dreary days are enough to put anyone in a funk and crawling out isn’t easy. Feeling low-energy, lethargy and general sadness — collectively known as “the winter blues” — is normal this time of year when days are shorter and sunlight is limited. If this is your current struggle, now is the time to practice serious self-care and I’ve got ‘ya with a few tips to beat the winter blues. 

One // Use Light Therapy. Some people with winter blues may respond well to a light therapy box which mimics outdoor light. It may work on its own or it may need to be combined with other treatments. Choose a light therapy box that has low levels of UV light and speak with your doctor about other considerations before purchasing one. 

Two // Eat Healthy. I know now is the time you want to dive head-first into comfort food, but flooding your body with nutrients from plant foods will give you more energy. Try healthier versions of your favorite comfort foods or sip on warm comforting drinks like hot tea or this Golden Milk. Limit sugar which can cause fluctuations in blood sugar and mood swings. 

Three // Surround Yourself with Pretty Things. Your home environment can highly influence how you feel. Keep your shades open to let light in and clear your living and working spaces of any clutter. Placing fresh flowers around your home and lighting a candle can lift your spirits.

Four // Get a Dose of Vitamin D. Lack of Vitamin D has strong associations with depression. You may consider adding a Vitamin D supplement to your diet and eating more Vitamin D-rich foods like eggs and fatty fish. 

Five // Get Out and Move. When it’s cold and dreary outside, it’s tempting to hibernate indoors, but getting outside for fresh air with a brisk walk, to meet up with a friend or take an exercise class can drastically improve your mood. 

Having the winter blues may seem hopeless, but hang in there because brighter days are closer than they seem. 

(Note: Depending on the severity of your symptoms you may suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which would require more serious treatment than the above suggestions.)

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