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How To Get Everything Done In a Day

by Marissa on February 12, 2018

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One of my long-time readers recently requested a blog post on how to get everything done in a day. My first thought was that I’m not qualified to write about how to get everything done in a day because I rarely ever do and then I decided that’s exactly what makes me qualified to write a post on the topic! 

Admittedly, I used to stress over my to-do lists making them long and detailed. I would add more and more to them just for the satisfaction of crossing mundane tasks off the list. After years of battling perfectionism and letting my to-do list control me, I finally decided it was time to control my to-do list. Now I know that I don’t have to get everything done in a day to be productive. 

Here are a few simple hacks that have worked for me:

One // Reframe your list. Think of your to-do list as items or tasks you want to do. Instead of approaching your list as something intimidating that you need to tackle, think of your list as items or tasks that you want to accomplish. See the tasks as what get to do rather than what you have to do. 

Two // Be realistic. You can’t do everything at once so don’t put unrealistic expectations on yourself. Prioritize the tasks you know you can accomplish within a specific amount of time. Know what can wait and be ok with that. 

Three // Break down larger projects into smaller tasks. Big projects have a tendency to linger on a to-do list for what can seem like forever. List the smaller tasks that comprise the larger project. You’ll feel more productive working toward completing the larger task by accomplishing the smaller ones along the way. For example, if I’m creating a Group Coaching Program. I don’t put Group Coaching Program on my list – I break it down as follows: Map Group Coaching curriculum, Create Group Coaching worksheets/handouts, Create Group Coaching marketing plan, and so on.

Four // Use a tracking system that works for you. There are literally hundreds of ways to track productivity and keep a to-do list. Whether you prefer a bullet journal, the passion planner (my personal favorite), a pretty notebook or a digital program choose something that works for you and stick with it consistently. 

Five // Plan your week. Sit down before the week starts and survey what’s on your calendar. Determine the focus of your week and what your priorities are. What appointments or tasks can you say no to that aren’t aligned with your focus and priorities for the week? Create your to-do list around your week’s focus. 

Six // Time block your calendar. It’s easy to get led off track when you’re reactive instead of proactive. Once you’ve determined your focus and priorities for the week, block your time. Divide each day into blocks of time you’ll spend on exercise, email, the items or projects on your to-do list, personal time, errands and so on. This will help make each day productive and efficient. 

What has worked for you to get everything done in a day?


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