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How to Party Smarter

by Marissa on December 14, 2016


A couple weeks ago I shared about food FOMO and how to handle it and it was a hit, but a lot of you ladies want to know about drinking and how you can enjoy alcohol without the dreaded weight gain. There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that there are some ways you can party smarter and enjoy a cocktail with less guilt. The bad news is that all alcohol has empty calories and the potential to leave you feeling less-than-stellar so this isn’t a permission slip to throw caution to the wind. 

These are a few of my tried and true tips for how to party smarter: 

One // Stay in the clear: Vodka, mezcal or tequila are your best bets with little to no sugar.  

Two // Watch your mixers: Soda water is the best mixer. Skip sugary juices and sodas. 

Three // Red wine is fine: Choose biodynamic red wine for the most antioxidants. 

Four // Think outside the box: When I want to feel like I’m drinking something special but want to skip the alcohol, I drink kombucha, a fermented tea. In fact, some brands of Kombucha, like Kombucha Dog, even contain alcohol so you get the health benefits + the buzz. 

Five // Trick yourself: There’s absolutely no shame in skipping the alcohol altogether and sipping seltzer with fresh fruit or sparkling water. You’ll feel like you have a cocktail in hand and if you want to trick others into thinking the same, there’s a good chance you will. 

What to avoid?

  • champagne
  • fruity cocktails
  • beer
  • wine coolers (does anyone drink those aymore?)

Now back to you. What other tips do you swear by to party smarter? 

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