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How to Plan Your Week

by Marissa on August 14, 2017

How to Plan Your Week | Fringe Studio Free Spirit Journal | Marissa Vicario

If you’re someone who experiences a sense of dread or overwhelm about the week ahead every time Sunday rolls around, you’re not alone. According to a survey by Monster, the job site, 76 percent of Americans experience anxiety on Sunday night – also known as the Sunday Blues or Sunday Scaries. I, myself, am no stranger to this kind of anxiety, but I refuse to let it ruin an entire day of my weekend. Over the years, I’ve created rituals that have helped me fend off the Sunday Blues and head into the week feeling organized and optimistic. These are just a few ideas for how to plan your week to do the same. 

One // Reflect: Find a notebook that inspires you (like the above from the August PopSugar Must-have Box – more details below) and spend some time reflecting on the past week and what went well. Think about how you can create more of the same during the week ahead whether it’s how you handled a challenge, managed your time or who you spent your time with. Likewise, make a list of everything you’re looking forward to for the week ahead.

Two // Meditate: My daily meditation practice has worked wonders to keep my head clear and give me perspective during times of overwhelm. 

Three // Schedule Block: Size up your week and determine what needs to stay (i.e. work obligations) and what can go. If you have plans or commitments that don’t excite you, consider canceling or postponing them within reason. Look at where you have blocks of free time and determine in advance how you will spend it. Factor in your workouts and don’t forget downtime, too. Then, most importantly, put it ALL in your calendar.

Four // Meal Plan and Food Prep: A successful week also means having a plan for your weekly meals. Decide on a menu for the week, get the ingredients and prepare anything you can in advance. For more guidance on meal planning in minutes, read this post

Five // Take Sunday Back: Don’t use Sunday to sit around and dwell. Instead, schedule something fun – like yoga, a movie, a beach day or brunch with friends – that will put you in a positive mindset for the upcoming week. 

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