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Foodbuzz Festival

How I Survived Foodbuzz Fest’s Taste Pavilion

by Marissa on November 12, 2010

The infamous swag bag
Blurry but you get the idea ..

Who doesn’t love a good tasting? My mouth waters just thinking about it. But the result can often be less gratifying than the experience itself. With so many different, well, tastes, we can confuse our digestive systems and the pace, excitement and standing are not conducive to a pleasant dining experience. I’ve been the victim of a tasting more times than I care to admit sporting bloat an upset stomach and general sense of not being fully satisfied by the food I ate.

This year, I’m pleased to announce that I made it through the Foodbuzz Festival’s Taste Pavilion without any of the above symptoms! A huge success, I think :)

The next time you find yourself at a tasting or cocktail party, follow these simple tips to ensure optimal enjoyment of your experience.

1. Don’t starve yourself all day so you arrive ravenous. Have a light meal and a lot of water beforehand.

2. Drink water throughout the tasting, alternate with your alcoholic beverage of choice if available and you’d like to have one

3. Get the lay of the land before you dive in. Determine what you’d like to try

4. Start with savory first and then move to sweet instead of switching back and forth

5. Take your time

6. If tables are available, gather two or three items then sit or stand at a table to enjoy

7. You don’t have to finish the entire taste – I usually have one or two bites and then move on. This ensures I don’t fill up too quickly.

8. Focus on one or two sweet items – not ALL of the sweet items.

9. Ask for a “doggy bag”. Some vendors will offer these and that way if it travels well, you can take the taste home and enjoy it later.

10. Breathe and enjoy!


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