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Three Natural Deodorants That Work

by Marissa on February 6, 2018

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I’m someone who spends most of my days in Lycra, so managing my sweat is necessary. When I’m not teaching, I’m taking a barre class or running from the studio to meetings so I need something that will keep me dry. That sounds easy enough, but lately, I’ve recommitted to using natural products because we all know that what goes on your skin also goes in. Finding natural deodorants that work has always been difficult for me because I’ll be honest, I sweat – a lot. 

I’ve tried almost everything and had almost given up on finding natural deodorants that work when these three came along. To my surprise, each has been super effective. They keep me dry and smell amazing which has restored my faith in natural deodorant.

One // Earth Mama Organics: To be honest, I didn’t expect this to work as well as it did. The label says it’s for pregnant and breastfeeding women, but the truth is it’s for everyone. Formulated with coconut oil, magnesium and baking soda, it’s super gentle. 

Two  // LaVanila Sport Luxe Healthy Deodorant: Years ago I used LaVanila and although I loved the scent, I had to give it up because it wasn’t strong enough for me. When I found LaVanila Sport I was skeptical, but this does the trick! The formula is aluminum-free and if you’re active, it really works.

Three // Fatco Stank StopThis all-natural paleo deodorant uses shea butter and grass-fed tallow along with aluminum-free baking soda to moisturize and neutralize odor. The result is a clean-smelling deodorant that goes on smoothly and smells great.

After years of trying and failing with natural deodorant, I finally turned a corner and found a few that actually work! 

Do you use natural deodorant? What brand is your favorite? 

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