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Get $50 Off a Month of FitReserve

by Marissa on October 26, 2015

$50 off a month of FitReserve - fitness equipment at Exceed Physical Fitness

Though I love all types of workouts from running to HIIT to yoga and barre, I tend to get comfortable and set on a routine, going to the same classes and doing the same things on the same days of the week. Then I get bored. 

When FitReserve, a fitness booking membership service, offered for me to try their service for a month, the timing was perfect because I had been stuck in a workout rut since the end of Summer.

FitReserve offers access to more than 200 luxury studios in New York, The Hamptons, Brooklyn and New Jersey in addition to exclusive lifestyle perks like spa services, healthy meal delivery and personal training. 

$50 off a month of FitReserve - motivational quote

I’d tried similar services in the past but found I had to sign up for classes far in advance to get the studios and class times I wanted or else change my schedule to find a time that worked. That’s not the case at all with FitReserve. You get full access to studio schedules, you can book up to 14 days in advance, you can attend the same studio 4 times in a month (as opposed to 3 with other services) and there are never blackout times. You can even book at the last minute and almost always get a spot in class. 

$50 off a month of FitReserve - Drill Fitness exterior

With 10 classes for the month on the Gold plan, I got so much variety I was never bored and I loved trying new studios I may have never gone to otherwise. Here’s a list of the studios I went to: 

  • Exhale
  • Mile High Run Club
  • The Movement
  • Exceed Physical Culture 
  • Drill
  • Revolve
  • Circuit of Change
  • Prana Power Yoga

Click for a full list of studios.

There were so many more that I had on my wish list that I didn’t get to try. I guess that’s what I have to look forward to next month. 


  • Starter (5 classes/month): $64/month the first month; $79/month thereafter 
  • Gold (10 classes/month): $119/month the first month; $149/month thereafter 
  • Platinum (20 classes/month): $199/month the first month; $249/month thereafter

All members receive 20% off the first month with code GetFit20 or use my personal invitation link to get $50 off a month of FitReserve

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Jenn at Run with Sole
Jenn at Run with Sole

Wow, that sounds amazing! There's something similar here in the San Diego area called the "class pass." I'll have to look into it but something tells me it's not going to be as wonderful as this!! I miss living in New York :( 

MarissaV moderator

@Jenn at Run with Sole Hey, Jen! Yes, this is very similar to ClassPass with a few differences as I described. Definitely worth a try!


Sounds like a great fitness service! I love group exercise classes but don't think this type of service is offered where I live yet. Fingers crossed it is soon!

MarissaV moderator

@satorke Where do you live? These services are mostly just in bigger cities so far but I'm sure it won't be long!

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