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A Spring Fling with Raw Foods

by Marissa on April 12, 2011

Maybe I’ve got Spring Fever or maybe Kris Carr’s book Crazy, Sex, Diet hit me way too hard but I’ve been on a raw food kick lately. No, I haven’t become a full-force raw foodist, but I do happen to believe in the cleansing, healing and nourishing properties of raw foods especially when the weather is warmer or in warmer climates. Raw foods are heated below a certain temperature (somewhere around 104-110 degrees F) so that the benefits of the foods’ live enzymes are fully utilized by the body.

To learn more about raw foods and their benefits, I went to a cooking class at The Natural Gourmet Institute, called Healing with Living Foods, taught by Andrea McNinch. I’ll leave the more detailed explanations up to her as she is very well-versed in this way of eating, so check out her web site here.

Check out some of the tasty (and beautiful), raw recipes she prepared for us. Guess who’s putting a food dehydrator at the top of her wish list?

Fresh Cashew Milk
Broccoli and Macadamia Cheese Sauce
Champion Chili with Cilantro “Sour Cream”
Hemp Milk
Superfood Chia Porridge
Asian Stir Fry with Thai Noodles & Wild Jungle Peanut Sauce
Herbed-Broccoli Seed Burgers with Avocado Chipotle Fries
Brazil Nut Milk Shake
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream & Triple Layer Fudge
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