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Are You on The Boyfriend Diet?

by Marissa on October 13, 2011

There are boyfriend jeans and boyfriend sweaters and then there is the boyfriend diet. All may be comfy, but one will leave you feeling pretty crappy. For years, I thought I was the only person who struggled to balance my healthy diet with the favorite foods of a hungry boyfriend.

I’ve never been one to leave my boyfriend to fend for himself for dinner or to make two separate meals. Besides, I love connecting at the end of a long day over tasty food that is made with love. As I began health coaching, I realized that many women face a similar challenge that goes something like this: It’s so hard to adopt healthy habits and make good food choices when my boyfriend/husband/fiance/partner likes to eat burgers and fries.

Experience taught me how to  manage the situation, and not let it manage me.  How, you ask? It comes down to a few simple tips:

  • Be an example: Healthy choices beget healthy choices
  • Compromise: Look for progress, not perfection
  • Focus on the delicious: Choose whole foods and make them taste great
  • Stay committed: Soon he’ll want to eat the foods that are making you vibrant, energetic and beautiful from the inside out
Healthier French Toast

Over the years, I’ve discovered some healthy, heartier recipes that are perfect for a man-sized appetite and are boyfriend tried, tested — and approved! In fact, I’ve been so inspired by this topic, that I created a recipe eBook, MAN vs. HEALTHY: 25 Boyfriend-Approved Healthy, Hearty Recipes, to get you on your way to delicious, healthy meals that everyone will love.

Game-time Chili

Inside you’ll get 25 step-by-step, easy recipes, special tips for making the recipes work for you, recommended pairings and my secret ingredients for getting to his heart through his stomach – the healthy way!

You’ll find everything from snacks and apps, mains and sides and even desserts and bang-up breakfasts. How does Game-time Chili sound? Or My Favorite Macaroons? It’s all there, it’s all healthy and none of it will show up on your waistline.

Download your copy here today!

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