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My Pregnancy Must-Haves for All Trimesters

by Marissa on August 22, 2019

Pregnancy Must-haves | Marissa Vicario Health Coach | pregnancy fitness outfit

When I first found out I was pregnant, I’ll admit I was completely lost and oblivious to all the pregnancy must-haves available. Instead of jumping right in and buying everything in sight, I took it slowly and observed my own changing body and what it needed and asked for. I’m still learning as I go, but I’m proud to report I’ve found many pregnancy must-haves that have helped me find comfort and peace within my pregnancy and relief from some of the pesky symptoms (although I’m sad to say I never found anything that actually worked for nausea). If any of these items help you, I’m glad to share the wealth and pass on my recommendations. Always remember that every pregnancy is different and what works for me, may not necessarily work for you!

Blanqi SportSupport Hipster Contour Leggings (pictured above)

Up until the end of my second trimester, I could wear most of my leggings, but there came a point when they got too uncomfortable. These were game-changers – flattering and comfortable –  and made me wonder why I waited so long to buy them. They’re supposed to be a good postpartum option too! 

Blanqi Everyday Maternity Belly Support Tank Top 

While researching ways to make my flight to Hawaii for my Big Island Babymoon more comfortable, I came acorss this compression tank and decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did because the comfort paired with the belly support was key on my long flights.

Comrad Compression Socks 

A long flight during pregnancy meant I had to be concerned about blood clots so I bought these cute compression socks to carry me through. 

Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

I wasn’t interested in buying a giant pregnancy pillow that would swallow me up and take up a ton of space in our bed, so I decided to start with this small wedge pillow which has been life-changing. Whether I’m sitting for long periods of time in an airplane, at home or in the car or sleeping on my side, this pillow has helped relieve aches and pains and made me more comfortable in any position. 

Tums Smoothies Chewable Tablets, Berry Fusion 

Acid reflux is possibly the most uncomfortable part of pregnancy and these bring me instant relief. The berry smoothie flavor is a preference because it tastes a little like candy. 

Storq Maternity Tank (pictured above), Nursing Bra  and Pencil Skirt 

I stumbled on this brand though an ad on Facebook and I was drawn to it because they use real pregnant women as models – not models with a fake bump strapped on! The only things I’ve invested in for pregnancy have been basics (see Rent the Runway below for the rest) and Storq has ALL the basics! I have loved their tanks, their pencil skirt and their nursing bras (better for small-chested women as they offer minimal support). Everything is comfortable, washes well and is made with the softest modal blend. They also have leggings, t-shirts, dresses and more! 

Gap Live-In Pretty Bralette 

I stumbled on these by accident. They’re not specifically for maternity and not for nursing, but they’ve been so light and comfortable in this in between time when my bras no longer fit. The best part is that I can hardly tell it’s there – nothing digs into my skin uncomfortably and no visible seams. 

A Pea in the Pod Lace Maternity Hipster Panties 

I never anticipated that I’d outgrow my own underwear but it happened and I wanted to replace it with a style that was not just comfortable, but also pretty. These fit the bill to a tee. 

A Pea in the Pod Maternity Pajama Pants and A Pea in the Pod Maternity Sleep Pants

In addition to my underwear, my pajamas were the first things I outgrew and nobody wants tight, uncomfortabke PJs. I’ve found the options at A Pea in the Pod to be affordbale, often on sale and so soft, cozy and breathable for my ever-growing bump. 

Rent the Runway for Pregnancy

I decided early on that I wasn’t going to invest a lot of time or money in shopping for maternity clothes. A lot of the options aren’t my style and have a lot of ruching while most styles I actually like are pricey. Add to that, the changing needs of a bump and I decided to buy some basics (see above) and invest in Rent the Runway for pregnancy needs instead. It’s been so fun to try different styles. I can rent high-end maternity clothes from brands like Hatch or choose from a curated selection of non-maternity styles that work with my bump. I’ve never been more well-dressed! Click here to read my full review. 

Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter 

For anyone concerned about stretch marks, this is a must! While there’s no research that shows keeping skin moisturized during pregnancy will prevent stretch marks, I like having that extra bit of reassurance. This has a lemony-fresh scent, absorbs nicely into my skin and is thick, not watery.

Lululemon Align Pant Leggings

I bought these the second I found out I was pregnant and they fit as well now as they did then. Do yourself a favor and buy 2 pairs! 

Beyond Yoga Spacedy Fold Down Maternity Leggings

As a barre instructor, leggings aren’t just a want, but also a need. In addition to the other two leggings I’ve already mentioned, a client at the barre studio clued me into these. I already loved Beyond Yoga pre-pregnancy so when I discovered they make maternity leggings, it was a no-brainer! These have completed my collection of maternity leggings. 

Laugh and Learn About Childbirth 

David and I were a little unsure about attending a full-length child birth class. Don’t get me wrong, we wanted to be prepared, but we didn’t think it was necessary to shell out $400 to do it and devote an entire weekend to it risking informtion overload. Many people feel differently about it and that’s perfectly fine. Someone recommended using a video and I thought that was genius! We decided to start with a video we could watch at home at our own pace and then if we felt we needed more, we could then invest in a longer class or extra time with our doula. It turned out this video was both entertaining and informative. It’s based on lamaze and divided into 6 smaller classes, or segments. It truly helped us to prepare in a way that felt sufficient to us. It’s taught by a NYC-based former labor and delivery nurse and while it wasn’t recorded recently, all the information is still relevant today. There are also other videos – Laugh and Learn About Breasfeeding and Laugh and Learn About Newborn Baby Care which I plan to peruse too! 

As I continue through my Third Trimester and find more pregnancy must-haves, I’ll add to this list.

For now, tell me, what pregnancy must-haves have worked for you or that you swear by forpregnancy? 




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