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Deepak Chopra on Leadership and Well-being

by Marissa on September 23, 2011

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It has been almost a week since I attended the IIN Fall Conference but I am still buzzing with the energy and knowledge I gained in just one weekend! Perhaps the most anticipated speaker of the weekend was Deepak Chopra who hardly needs an introduction.

Chopra addressed the audience as leaders, “a symbolic soul of group consciousness,” and shared the attributes of a great leader:

Look and Listen: Leaders look with their hearts
motional Bonding: Leaders are free of toxic emotions in their life
Awareness: Leaders know what they need and how to fulfill those needs
Dare to Dream a New Reality and Do It
Responsibility: Leaders take responsibility for their own well being first, take risks, have values and take the initiative and ask for feedback
Synchronicity: The leader’s soul is a place of synchronicity. Recognize your own creativity as a leader can align with the creativity of the cosmic mind and never ignore a coincidence.

Chopra also explained the Five Buckets of Well-being which look a lot like the areas I explore with my clients in addition to food and diet.

1. Career: Do you enjoy the work you do everyday? Only 20 percent of Americans do. Chopra says to find something you enjoy and take it to the world in an effective way.

2. Social: Do you experience love regularly and do you have people in your life with whom you have healthy relationships?

3. Physical: Do you feel healthy and have enough energy to do all the things you love to do?

4. Financial: Can you manage your economics?

5. Community: Do you build meaningful relationships through authentic stories?

Before I enrolled at IIN and became a health coach, I was falling short in every single one of these buckets. Today, two years later, I feel so full, so supported and so abundant.

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