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Diary of a Total Reset Girl: Adriana

by Marissa on July 10, 2012

Meet Adriana.

Before the Total Reset Plan she was a healthy eater who was stuck in a rut of her same-old, go-to meals. During and after she felt satisfied, energized and motivated in a way she never had before with food. Even her husband, Carl, was on board with the exciting meals she was cooking on the plan.

Occupation: Organizational Change Consultant
New York, NY
Total Reset Plan:

1. Why did you decide to do the Total Reset Plan?

I considered myself to have fairly healthy eating habits, and I enjoy cooking. I was feeling a little bored with my kitchen repertoire and I really didn’t know how to take my healthy eating to the next level. I was curious about trying new ingredients and dishes with the support of a health coach and thrilled that Marissa was offering a program that did all the legwork for me- finding the recipes, creating the meal plan and shopping list, video demos, daily emails, the works. For me, the thing that was most appealing was that this was not a “diet” or a “cleanse.” Lastly, the recipes that Marissa posted on her website and blog looked and sounded amazing, so I had to try it!

Asian noodles with gingered greens and spicy almond dressing

2. What surprised you the most about the program?

I realized that while I thought I had healthy eating habits, my go-to meals were often missing key nutritional content. The Total Reset gave me a better sense of what a nutritious, balanced, and delicious plate looks like. I also got a better sense of the type of meal that would leave me full and not stuffed. For me, feeling full after a meal felt satisfying, while some of my go-to meals left me feeling stuffed and lethargic. Another surprise was that I didn’t miss any foods or dishes, and my cravings diminished, especially the mid-afternoon ones.

3. What overall changes did you see?

I had visitors at my desk during lunchtime- my coworkers would stop by and ask me what new dish I was enjoying that day! I felt great- the meals were delicious, satisfying, and filling. I looked forward to cooking every evening. I noticed a clearer complexion after about a week, and I was more motivated to take other healthy lifestyle steps, like going to the gym.

Creamy kale salad

4.What was your favorite meal from the plan?

Hmmm… hard to choose just one! The green smoothie for breakfast, the lentil burgers (the recipe makes enough to freeze for another meal- always a plus!), the ume vinegar bok choy (I had never cooked with ume vinegar!), and the spicy lemongrass tofu.

5. Where are you now with your healthy eating? 

Still preparing my favorite dishes from the Total Reset! I know what the “right track” is for me, and I can easily find my way back to it if I veer off on occasion. And since the right track means delicious food, it is easy to want to get back on and stay there!

The Total Reset Plan Summer edition launched today. Click here to sign up!

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