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Does Health Coaching Work?

by Marissa on January 15, 2016

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Happy National Health Coach Week! 

It feels really good to be saying that since even 7 years ago hardly anyone knew what a health coach was. This career has brought me success and fulfillment beyond my wildest dreams. Whether you’re a client or a blog reader, thank you for letting me share it with you!  

Since it’s Health Coach Week, I give you the topic of today’s post: 

Does health coaching work? 

This actually isn’t a question I get very often, but I know it’s something many people wonder. 

When I became a health coach, I didn’t realize that a huge part of what I would do would be telling everyone about my service: what I offer and its many benefits. 

My health coaching credentials don’t revolve around selling products like supplements, shakes, drink mixes or bars (this is a personal decision I feel very strongly about), so it can be challenging explaining how joining my group program will help you change your relationship with food, how 6 private sessions with me will have you trying new foods and phasing out packaged and processed foods or that in 12 private sessions with me you’ll double your energy and drop weight. 

Without a shake or a bar to clutch onto, many people need proof. Today I’m highlighting that proof as I celebrate real client successes (some names have been changed for privacy purposes). 

Take Kate, for example, who lost 20 lbs. as a result of our work together.

Over the course of a few years and a time-intensive job, Kate had gained what she described as “a considerable amount of weight.” Here’s what she told me about why she chose to work with a Health Coach. 

“Even though I looked different from how I wanted to what bothered me most was how I felt. Tired and sluggish; I felt like my spark was gone. I knew how to lose weight but I wanted to feel better overall and didn’t know where to start. For me, there was too much information about “healthy eating” and I wanted to work with a professional to help me establish an approach that best fit my lifestyle and available options.”

Above and beyond the weight loss, working with me as her Health Coach helped Kate change how she looked at food – as fuel, rather than a reward. She became more aware of what she was eating and how it made her feel. Finally, it gave her a level of accountability she wouldn’t have had on her own. 

All of this has been instrumental in leading Kate to maintain her weight loss and make healthy a habit in her life. 


As Health Coaches everywhere celebrate National Health Coach Week and the recognition for the work we do to change lives and inspire wellness all over the world, I’m in gratitude to my clients who allow me to do this work and keep me inspired and motivated to be better everyday. 

If you’d like to support the important work health coaches do, sign the petition to support the Health Coach Resolution. The resolution supports the vital work that health coaches do and our goal is for every member of Congress to sign it to show their support. 



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