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Drink Your Hemp Milk

by Marissa on November 10, 2011

There are some foods that I’m guilty of ignoring and hemp is one of them. Yes, I know that hemp is one of the most nutritionally complete and sustainable food sources on the planet. So why am I not eating more of it? I had to get all Health Coach on myself. The main reason was that I didn’t know what to do with it. Sure, I sprinkled it on my salads from time to time but it was often an afterthought. I decided to take the bull by its horns and whip up a batch of Hemp Milk to use in my smoothies for starters.Unlike other nut milks, like cashew milk, this recipe is even easier in that it does not require a nut milk bag.

This recipe came to me by way of Raw Foods Chef Andrea McNinch whose Healing with Living Foods class I took earlier this year at The Natural Gourmet Institute.

Place the following into a blender: 

1 c hemp seeds
3 c water
3 Tbsps green stevia or other alternative sweetener 
1 Tbsps vanilla extract 
pinch of sea salt 

Blend for two minutes. Serve chilled if drinking straight as a snack or in smoothies. Add it to oatmeal at room temperature. 

I store mine in a tightly sealed mason jar in the refrigerator – it usually lasts up 3-4 days.

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I might just have to try this myself!

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