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Eat More to Weigh Less

by Marissa on August 15, 2013

Eat More to Weigh Less

Yes, you can lose weight by eating more.

A lot of people are surprised when I tell them that I actually eat. A lot. (When I eat at home).

So many clients walk through my door portioning out every bit of food that goes into their mouth. That’s the old way of losing and maintaining weight when eating food with few nutrients like boxed cereal, fried foods, white rice, I could go on, but you get the idea.

The challenge is that many people have been so conditioned to eat this way, that the behavior carries over even when eating habits shift toward healthier food. The outcome is usually hunger pangs and a lull in weight loss.

Many of my clients experience weight loss by actually eating more. To help illustrate the point, look at the below list of foods grouped by calorie density, the number of calories per pound of each food. I’m not a calorie-counter by any means but this chart says it all.

Notice how the unprocessed plant foods have the lowest calorie density. You can actually fill up on broccoli and kale to balance your blood sugar and manage hunger, naturally crowding out unhealthier food choices, keeping calorie consumption in a lower range and contributing to weight loss, a concept also known as volumetrics.

What do you think of this way of eating? Could you, or do you, eat this way? 

Foods by Calorie Density

celery 65
lettuce 65
cucumber 70
broccoli 130
kale 130
onion 155
carrot 195
corn 390
potato 490
yam 525

tofu 270
black beans 600
chickpeas 740

peanuts 2,640
peanut butter 2,650
almonds 2,670
walnuts 2,910
pecans 3,030

lobster 450
cod 480
halibut 520
salmon 810
tuna 830

oatmeal 280
buckwheat 420
brown rice 500
whole wheat pasta 560
sourdough bread 1,240

cantaloupe 140
berries 140
papaya 180
peach 200
orange 210
pear 270
apple 270
banana 420

cottage cheese (2%) 410
cheddar cheese 1,820
butter 3,250

Oatmeal 280
buckwheat 420
brown rice 500
whole wheat pasta 560
sourdough bread 1,240

chicken breast 750
pork tenderloin 750
sirloin 870

white bread 1,210
pretzels 1,770
chocolate chip cookies 2,140
granola bar 2,140
candy bar 2,290
chips 2,400

Source: “The Pitkin Principle,” by Robert Pritkin

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Yes, yes, yes!  I eat a TON of food by some people's standards, but it is almost all nutrient-dense (less-calorie-dense) produce and whole foods.  This is what makes my body feel good and keeps me satisfied!  I do adore my almonds, salmon, tuna (... cough ... and chocolate...) though, and those are pretty high on the calorie-density scale!

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