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Emotional Obesity with Laura Coe

by Marissa on November 24, 2014

If you’ve ever felt emotionally heavy, chronically unfulfilled and detached from your purpose, then you’ll want to peek into this hangout with Laura Coe, Author of the forthcoming book, Emotional Obesity. In this raw interview, Laura and I get real about overcoming the limiting beliefs that kept us stuck in the past, including one I’d never thought I’d admit live on camera. 

The truth is, emotional fitness is AS important if not more than physical health and fitness.

Click the video above to watch and see why. 

About Laura Coe

emotional obesity

Laura Coe is an Author and Coach who is finally living the life that is perfect for her. As a certified coach, she spends her time sharing the lessons and emotional fitness tactics that help people get in the best emotional shape of their life. 

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