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A Few of My Favorite Treadmill Workouts

by Marissa on February 8, 2015

treadmill workouts - runners on treadmills - Where I Need to Be

Yes, I did use the words “favorite” and “treadmill” in the same sentence, but these days I relish my treadmill workouts. 

I read a New York Times article recently about treadmill workouts (The Drudgery of Treadmills). It explored why most people find the treadmill, often called the “dread mill,” more difficult compared to outdoor workouts.

The study it referenced found that the treadmill workouts aren’t more physically demanding so the only explanation could be the psychological difficulty associated with them i.e. boredom. 

For the longest time I avoided the treadmill and while I generally agree that outdoor workouts are more appealing than indoor workouts, these past couple of winters have me embracing the treadmill more and more, especially to avoid icy scenarios like this. 

treadmill workouts - icy running path in nyc - Where I Need to Be

For me, the secret to enjoying the treadmill is to mix things up and incorporate interval training avoiding monotonous steady state running or walking. 

I’ve been pinning some of these workouts to my HIIT Workouts Board. Here are just a few that I’ve tried and tested.

I adjust them to my own ability level. 

treadmill workouts - Where I Need to Be 

treadmill workouts - HIIT - Where I Need to Be

treadmill workouts - Cardio Intervals - Where I Need to Be


What about you? What are your favorite indoor workouts? 

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