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Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet: How to Go from Gym to Glam

by Marissa on June 3, 2013

Last month I was invited to the Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet at the Mercedes Club. Admittedly, I’m long overdue writing this post, so I thought I’d post some quick highlights starting with the healthiest food at any blogger event ever to the ridiculous amounts of generous swag and my favorite and most useful speaker take away from the day followed by a few scenes from my first ever class with the infamous Tara Stiles, yogini extraordinaire. OK, so maybe it won’t be that quick.

On the morning of the meet up, I arrived at the Mercedes Club excited for an inspiring day. The bloggers are hand-picked to attend and I was lucky and grateful to be among them. I grabbed my breakfast which consisted of green juice, a coconut milk yogurt parfait and a gluten-free chocolate chip muffin. Though I didn’t eat it all at once, eventually it was devoured and delicious. Lunch — a kale salad and green smoothie — was also tasty and satisfying.

For the record, there is no reason why food options everywhere cannot be this healthy and delish. 


We spent the morning listening to speakers like celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito, ABC News Senior Medical Contributor Dr. Jennifer Ashton and celebrity fitness trainer Brett Hoebel.

My favorite was Sarah Lucero, a Stila beauty pro, who told us how to go from gym to glam.


While I usually work out in the morning and working from home gives me the luxury of making more time to get ready before a night out, there are many moments when I’m trying out a new fitness class and then heading straight to an event when these tips will come in handy. I only wish I had known about them when I worked in a corporate office (especially on my first date with David which was definitely a gym to drinks and dinner moment).

:: Sarah’s top three summer beauty must-haves include sleep (I’m with her on this one), a tinted moisturizer or balm (she recommends Stila Beauty Balm) and a cheek color that doubles as a lip color like Stila Convertible Color. 

:: For those of you wondering what the hot summer trend in makeup right now is, it’s a bold, vibrant lip or a pastel eye. 

:: And if you’re pressed for time post-gym and need a quick make-up re-do: don’t re-apply foundation. Instead, pick one feature and play it up, add extra blush,  throw your hair in a cute top-knot and go! 

I know all of our schedules these days are overbooked so I hope y’all all took notes!

All of the vendors had fun little activities for us to partake in. When your audience is social media savvy, the sky’s the limit.



The day ended with an outdoor yoga class given by none other than Tara Stiles.


I was happy to run into an old friend, Fitness Magazine’s Digital Director Christie Griffin before the day was over. Thanks for the pic Christie!

Fitness Meet & Tweet

Such a fun day!


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Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady
Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady

Sounds like it was super fun. Congratulations on being hand picked to attend. I read another recap and that swag was serious!!! Thx for sharing a few tips....I am so plain in the makeup dept!

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