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Flirty Thirties

by Marissa on October 7, 2009

Tomorrow I proudly turn 31! Leaving your twenties behind and entering your thirties is something like a rite of passage, the reality of which is shaped by your perception. I spent the later half of my twenties in fear of my thirties and the first six months of my thirties in mourning. From the age of 25, every birthday was like a ticking time bomb and when thirty approached, I thought my life was over. Strange how that works because if I had chosen to embrace my thirties, I would have found that my life was just beginning.

Today I feel more alive than ever — it’s amazing how far I’ve come in the past six months so I thought I’d share some of the lessons learned along the way that I’m applying to my life to make it the best ever!

1. Find happiness in the present, not in an ideal future

2. Love yourself unconditionally before you love anyone else that way

3. Eat whole foods

4. Be content with a few good friends rather than many acquaintances

5. Trust the Universe and its plan for you

6. Experience the world, or as much of it as you possibly can

7. Share your passions with someone special

8. Be your authentic self

9. Look for the lesson in all situations, especially the challenging ones

10. Show up for yourself every single day

11. Have a mantra

12. Respect and enjoy nature (even in NYC)

13. Challenge your comfort zone and face your fears

14. Take fashion risks

15. Open yourself to giving and receiving love

16. Set goals, envision yourself achieving them, then achieve them

17. Breathe

18. Meditate

19. Forgive

20. Learn what ‘ignites your light’

21. Have an open mind and an open heart

22. Try new things

23. Get clear about your intentions

24. Put out the energy you wish to attract

25. Believe in yourself before you expect anyone else to believe in you

26. Do something for the greater good

27. Create a vision board

28. Love fearlessly

29. Play big

30. Get good sleep

31. Nourish yourself from the inside out

Don’t fear your thirties — make them your best years ever!

Here’s to a fantastic year!

Love, light and blessings …

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