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Heating Up the NYC Yoga Scene: Bikram Yoga Herald Square

by Marissa on January 26, 2013

BikramYogaHeraldSquare-logoI have a long history with yoga.

In my 12 years of practice, I’ve tried many kinds from Ashtanga to Iyengar. Since I’m athletic, I’ve always liked the cardiovascular meets spiritual benefits of a Vinyasa practice.

Then a few years ago I fell in love with Hot Vinyasa. Because I like to sweat.

When Gilt City advertised a deal with New York’s newest, luxury Bikram studio, Bikram Yoga Herald Square, it came at just the right time because the weather was getting cold and I wanted to heat up my yoga practice.

I’d tried Bikram a handful of times, but can’t say I was in love with it or drawn to it in any particular way. What I was attracted to is the looks of this place.

I mean, who wouldn’t be.

 Photo courtesy of Yelp
Photo courtesy of Yelp Photo courtesy of Yelp
Photo courtesy of Yelp Photo courtesy of Yelp
Photo courtesy of Yelp


The eco-friendly wood was even flown in from my home state of KY.

So with a month of unlimited yoga classes, I’ve been getting my Bikram on several times a week. And I like it. Really like it.

The first few classes were the hardest. Because, let’s face it, repeating 26 postures twice each in a heated room with no music can seem like torture sometimes.

But like anything else, getting through it was mostly mental.

My secrets:

  • Get out of your head and focus on the postures
  • Arrive hydrated
  • Don’t be self-consciuos, nobody cares what you look like
  • When it feels challenging or like it will never end, remind yourself of something physically hard you’ve powered through (mine is 26.2 miles)
  • Work to your edge but don’t overdo it
  • Take full advantage of the many short savasanas, rest breaks, you get throughout the class
  • Remember how light, clear and alive you’ll feel after

Bikram Yoga Herald Square is hosting a 28 day yoga challenge starting February 1. For a full class schedule, go here.

What’s your favorite type of yoga? 

Would you ever choose a workout based on the looks of its digs?

Spill it in the comments below.



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