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Highlights from Expo East

by Marissa on September 18, 2017

Expo East | Oatly Sign | Influencer Marissa Vicario

After a whirlwind week, I spent this past weekend in recovery mode from The Natural Products Expo, also known as Expo East. As a part of the health and wellness industry for the past 10 years, I know all about this conference, but this year I finally took the plunge and experienced it. I was invited to attend as an Influencer with the New Hope Blogger Network. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a few of my favorites that I shared, but consider this the full highlight reel and the items that made my tastebuds do back flips. 

Expo East | Influencer Summit | Influencer Marissa Vicario

The show kicked off for Influencers on Wednesday with the New Hope Influencer Summit – a full day of programming related to working with brands and crafting clear, concise messages. Right away I met Erica from Erica Finds who had read my book! She’s a pro at the Expo and took me under her wing to show me the ropes. 

Expo East | Harvest Festival | Mary's Gone Crackers | Influence Marissa Vicario

After the Influencer Summit, we caught the tail end of the Harvest Festival, a smaller, festival-style event one day before the show floor opens. There I met the guys from Mary’s Gone Crackers, a long-time favorite in our house for gluten-free crackers. I also had my socks knocked off when I tasted Betsy’s Best nut butter, I fell in love with the cashew butter which includes chia seeds for crunch and cardamom for a unique flavor profile. 

Expo East | Morning Run Clinic | SOS |Influencer Marissa Vicario

Thursday morning started with a Morning Run Clinic sponsored by SOS Hydration. Olympian Nick Willis was there to give us some tips on stretching and form and show us his gold medal from Rio. The group was super small so we got to take pictures and create some real connections with Nick and the SOS team. The morning ended with a 4.5 mile run through Oriole Park and around M&T Stadium. 

I spent the rest of the day attending sessions and getting a start on walking the show floor. I decided to start on the top floor and work my way down.

A few of my favorites from Day 1: 

Expo East | Four Sigmatic |Influencer Marissa Vicario

Four Sigmatic for their Chaga Mushroom Elixirs and Hot Cacao

Expo East | Brew Dr Kombucha |Influencer Marissa Vicario

BrewDr Kombucha for their refreshing flavors and friendly booth staff 

Expo East | U Gottabee Nutz |Influencer Marissa Vicario

U Gottabe Nutz for making snacking on nuts exciting

Expo East | Kite Hill | Influencer Marissa Vicario

Kite Hill for their non-dairy alternative to Greek yogurt 

Expo East | Siete Foods | Influencer Marissa Vicario

Siete Foods for their gluten-free tortillas and chips that taste better than the real thing

Expo East | Milkadamia Macadamia Nut Milk | Influencer Marissa Vicario

Milkadamia for their macadamia nut milk – and the outstanding lattes they served

Expo East | Elmhurst Nut Milk | Influencer Marissa Vicario

Elmhurst for their walnut milk 

Expo East | Aketta Crickets | Influencer Marissa Vicario

Aketta for their crickets

Yumami for their award-winning Go-Dip Snacks

Loving Earth for their smooth and flavorful raw, organic Vegan chocolate and the kind founder

Friday was my last day at the show and I had a lot of ground to cover so I kicked it into high gear to walk the main show floor. 

These are the products I loved from Day 2: 

Expo East | Graze | Influencer Marissa Vicario

Graze, because they are bringing some of the most popular snack combos from their subscription snack box service into retail 

Expo East | Wedderspoon Manuka Honey | Influencer Marissa Vicario

Wedderspoon for their Manuka honey

Expo East | Miyoko's Kitchen | Influencer Marissa Vicario

Miyoko’s Kitchen because she makes the best vegan cheese I’ve ever tasted 

Expo East | Sambazon Acai | Influencer Marissa Vicario

Sambazon for their frozen acai packs

Expo East | Boom Chicka Pop | Influencer Marissa Vicario

Boom Chicka Pop because I love their packaging 

Expo East | Pukka Tea | Influencer Marissa Vicario

Pukka for their delicious teas and gorgeous branding

Expo East | Oatly | Influencer Marissa Vicario

Oatly for their creamy oat milk 

Expo East | Anita's Coconut Yogurt | Influencer Marissa Vicario

Anita’s Coconut Yogurt because she makes the most decadent coconut yogurt without any additives or sugar 

Evolution Fresh for their new flavors coming out this fall. 

Expo East | Vital Proteins | Influencer Marissa Vicario

I wrapped up my last day with a Vital Proteins Matcha Latte for my ride back to the train – the perfect ending to a busy three days of tasting, walking and meeting. 

Nothing beats real, unprocessed food, but the products featured here both passed my taste test and have cleaner ingredients. 

Looking forward to next year! 




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