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Hot, Hip and Holy: Hip Hop Asana with Jules Febre at Yoga Journal Conference

by Marissa on April 10, 2013

Hip Hop Asana

Ever since my early days at Jivamukti, I’ve loved taking class with Jules Febre. So when I had the opportunity to take class with him at the Yoga Journal Conference last weekend, I signed up for his Hip Hop Asana class. I incorrectly assumed that this would be a vinyasa class choreographed to hip hop music.

In a way it was, but it was also a lot more.

 Jules demos headstand
Jules demos headstand


Jules grew up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan with a culture of hip hop. He practiced yoga from a young age and as his practice evolved, it felt natural to create his own form of self expression by incorporating hip hop into yoga, both being forms of movement.

“Through the practice of yoga and the culture of hip hop, there’s something communicated that’s non-verbal.” – Jules Febre

Class started with a warm up by two special guests.

One, a beat boxer, helped us warm up our breathing.

The other, Jules’ brother, Alex, a NYC breakdancer, taught us a few moves. Watch the video to see him in action.

The rest of the class was Jules’ own style of Jivamukti yoga meets dance meets music which he’s been teaching for the past eight years. It looks a little like this:

Jules has brought this style of yoga to communities where yoga isn’t typically available. He’s taught it to at-risk youth and brought hope and joy to lives that need it most.

This is the true beauty of the practice and of course, Jules, as a holy being.

What’s your favorite style of yoga? 

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