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How to Make Detox Tea {Video}

by Marissa on January 11, 2016

How to Make Detox Tea

how to make detox tea - glass bottle of detox tea

January is a popular time to cleanse and detox. I’m all about fresh starts and cleaning out your system, but I advocate doing it with real food rather than an all-juice cleanse. If you don’t know how to make detox tea, that changes today!

This tasty, naturally sweet and refreshing detox tea can be enjoyed year-round and is so easy to make that you just may end up keeping it around on the regular like I do.

The two main ingredients – dandelion and milk thistle – act as mild diuretics that help stimulate digestion. Cinnamon boosts metabolism and acts as a warming agent and lemon is alkalizing for the blood.

Drink 1-2 cups of this detox tea per day and supplement with plenty of water. 

Click the video below to learn how to make detox tea in less than 10 minutes with easy-to-find, good-for-you and naturally-detoxifying ingredients. 

Pro Tip: Save the used tea bags and cinnamon sticks to use in 1-2 more batches of tea later in the week to minimize waste and save some $$$



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I beganthe taskand so I can’t say for sureif I lost any weight, but I certainly looked Ten times better! I noticed muscle definition in my stomach. I have always trained and exercised regularly but didn't have much muscle definition mainly due to my diet. However, I noticed I lost body fat from cutting out unhealthy drinks in my diet and eating healthier overall

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