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Ideas for a Healthier Halloween

by Marissa on October 29, 2018

Ideas for a Healthier Halloween | Health Coach Marissa Vicario | kids trick or treating

The custom of trick-or-treating, dressing up and asking for treats door to door, dates back to the Middle Ages in some cultures. But the treat of choice in those days wasn’t candy. In fact, it was usually fruit, nuts or sometimes money. Most of us don’t want to be known as the neighbor who doled out apples and bananas.  Nor can we all afford to dip into our bank accounts to sweeten the Halloween pot, but we can still do our part to ensure a healthier Halloween for the neighborhood kids. If you need a few suggestions, check out some of these ideas for a healthier Halloween.

Healthier Halloween Ideas | Health Coach Marissa Vicario | Yum Earth Candy Corn

Hand Out Healthy Treats

Track down healthier sweet treats like trail mix, granola bars or raisins. They may set you back more than a bag of bite-size chocolate bars, but you’ll rest easier knowing they’re a better choice. If, for you, it’s just not Halloween without candy corn or chocolate, check out Yum Earth, for their vegan, gluten-free and allergen-friendly versions of the classics with no artificial ingredients. As a candy corn lover myself, it’s nice to indulge in a healthier version once a year. 

Quench Their Thirst

Provide mini juice boxes or bottles of water for thirsty trick-or-treaters. It may not be as exciting as the King size chocolate bars the neighbors are handing out, but it’s a practical option. If sugary candy is involved, the next best thing is to stay hydrated.  

Try Treasures, not Treats

If drinks and snacks aren’t quite your style, ditch the edibles and go for festive stickers, temporary tattoos or spider rings. The paper and plastic may seem insignificant to adults, but they signify hours of fun for the little ones.

Get Creative

Encourage creativity and excitement with pencils, a mini-pack of crayons or coloring books, all of which last longer than candy. Scour dollar and wholesale stores for bulk deals on these and other similar items to keep costs down.

More Wisdom: When there’s just no way around the sugar treats, parents who want to create a healthier Halloween experience for their own children, can try these simple tips: make sure they have a healthy meal before leaving for the evening’s festivities, equip them with a smaller vessel for holding Halloween treats and set guidelines for when and how much candy can be consumed at one time.

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