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I’m a Certified Barre Instructor!!

by Marissa on August 30, 2017


Certified Barre Instructor | Marissa Vicario McFarland

If it seems like I’ve been a little quiet around the blog for awhile, I have a good reason. Actually, several good reasons, but this is the one I’m focusing on today: Since January, I’ve been training to become a Certified Barre Instructor at The Bar Method in SoHo and as of last month, I can now say that I’m officially a Certified Barre Instructor! The Bar Method is a barre-based workout known for its unparalleled safety, strength-building, shaking and grace with more than 100 studios across the country. After endless tucking, lots of sweat and even a few tears, I’m officially certified as a Bar Method instructor and this was no small feat. 

Friends and family always told me I should teach fitness, but I never felt drawn to it until I found barre as cross training for running. Immediately, I fell in love with how it strengthened my core and made me a better runner. Since then, I guess you could say I’ve always wanted to teach barre classes, but I wasn’t quite sure how to make it happen so I filed it into the “maybe someday” category.

Certified Barre Instructor | Marissa Vicario

From the moment I walked into The Bar Method, I could tell it was different than other barre studios I had been to. The instructors knew everyone’s name, they were sticklers for form and had a confidence that I coveted. 

After several months as a client there, I received an email in early December 2016 about a Teacher Training Information Session. I had been sick in bed with the flu, but two days later, I pulled myself out of the house to attend the meeting. The SoHo studio owner talked us through what teacher training involves, what she looks for in a potential teacher (poise, intelligence, confidence and musicality) and the expectations of a certified teacher. She ended with an open invitation for anyone who wanted to audition to get in touch with her. 

I left feeling excitedly nervous and slightly terrified. It was up to me to take action. I had this rare opportunity right in front of me. If I walked away, I may never know and if I went for it, there was a (big) chance I may fail. After a lot of thought and encouragement from David, I emailed the owner and scheduled the audition. 

On my way to the audition, I called my mom to ask her if I was musical. She affirmed I am (still unsure about that) and gave me a pep talk. I was on my way as nervous as ever. At the audition, it was just me and the studio owner. She walked me through a few basic exercises and then I had to teach them to her. Things started off strong, but by the end of the hour, I started to question myself and fall apart from fatigue. Sure that I would not be selected to move forward, I prepared to say goodbye and continue on as a student. 

Then, the surprise of my life happened: She asked me to come back the next day for an interview! Once we met a second time, she extended an invitation to teacher training starting January 2017. I was ecstatic and so grateful. 

Teacher Training was fun and rewarding, but also no joke. I have worked hard at many things in my life, but this was unlike any other challenge I have taken on. It pushed me to grow in ways I never knew possible. Training consisted of a period of pre-training, a 4-day training with a visiting National Bar Method Trainer in Brooklyn and several months of post-training. There was time spent in the classroom, outside the classroom, self-study and manual tests all to polish and prepare us as teachers. 

Certified Barre Instructor | Marissa Vicario McFarland

I am now teaching at the SoHo studio regularly anywhere from six to sometimes as many as 14 classes per week. Barre is yet another aspect of my career in wellness and I’m also still regularly Health Coaching – the two fit together perfectly for me and I’m excited to see where this next chapter leads!

You can find my teaching schedule here

Editor’s Note: This post is my own personal account of my training experience at one moment in time and not indicative or reflective of that of any Bar Method studio now or in the future. 


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