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Marathon Training Essentials

by Marissa on September 11, 2014

marathon training essentials

I’ve been training for my second New York City Marathon and while training has had its ups and downs, training with my fiancé, David, has made the whole experience more enjoyable. I’m less is more when it comes to running and marathoning but there happen to be just a few marathon training essentials that have saved the day and made my training  a lot  more bearable.

1. Nathan Sports Sonic Boom for iPhone 5 lets me strap my music, GPS and emergency phone line to my arm and forget about it.

2. Women’s Reebok ONE Series Running Bra keeps everything looking cute and contained while offering a moderate amount of support.

3. Lucy Straight Up Strength Tank is light as air for my hot and sweaty long runs.  I usually like a built in bra but this top paired with the Reebok Running Bra has totally kept my mind open to layering as an alternative.

4. Women’s Reebok ONE Series 3-inch Woven Shorts feel barely there for comfort equivalent to running in your most favorite pair of undies (with significantly more coverage). They’re also super absorbent so when I’m drenched in sweat I don’t feel weighed down.

5. Vega Sport Endurance Gel in Orange Zest replaces the overly processed, sugar and caffeine-laden sports gels with one that is made of whole foods like dates and coconut oil and other better-for-you ingredients.

6. Available this October, the new Bobble Sport comes with me on my cross training days and between runs to keep me hydrated with filtered water in a sleek bottle.

 So those are my 6 how-did-I-ever-live-without marathon training essentials. Tell me in the comments, what are yours? 

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