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My Review of Rent the Runway Unlimited for Pregnancy + A Promo Code

by Marissa on August 9, 2019

Rent the Runway Unlimited for Pregnancy | Marissa Vicario Health Coach | Shoshana Pink Floral Halter Dress

One of the simple joys of this pregnancy has been dressing my bump. I started outgrowing my pre-pregnancy clothes around Week 13, but was adamant about not buying an entirely new wardrobe or resorting to frumpy maternity wear which is why I decided to try Rent the Runway Unlimited for pregnancy. After using it throughout my second trimester and into my third, here’s my review + a discount code for $100 off your first month. 

Before I signed up, I assumed that using Rent the Runway Unlimited for pregnancy meant that I would be limited only to maternity items but that was absolutely not the case and one of the reasons I appreciated it so much. Instead, I was able to search their entire catalog of clothes by indicating that I was expecting and inputting my pre-pregnancy size and my due date. To that end, I had a slew of options available from maternity-specific clothing to non-maternity clothing that could still work for maternity. By perusing Rent the Runway’s sizing suggestions and the user reviews, I could determine what size would be best for me. 

The best thing about using Rent the Runway Unlimited for pregnancy is that even on the days when I wasn’t feeling my best, I knew I always had something to wear that would make me feel put together. In my opinion, having that confidence during pregnancy is priceless and using Rent the Runway Unlimited for pregnancy actually became addictive. 

Since the majority of my pregnancy took place at the height of Summer, I mostly stuck to dresses – although I did rent a pair of designer maternity jeans too. 

Rent the Runway Unlimited for Pregnancy | Marissa Vicario Health Coach | Free People Through the Vine Maxi

What I Liked: 

  • A huge selection of maternity and non-maternity items curated based on my preferences 
  • The ability to constantly rotate my wardrobe
  • Helpful customer service
  • Free and fast (often, same-day) delivery – Note: I do live a few blocks away from the NYC retail store so returning items and renting for same-day delivery was extremely easy for me. 
  • User reviews 
  • An easy-to-use app that helped me organize the items I like and effortlessly access items available to rent 
  • The ability to purchase any must-have item 
  • Always looking put together and knowing I had several go-to items to wear without having to spend the time to shop and piece an outfit together – something that can be particularly challenging during pregnancy. 

But it wasn’t always rainbows and butterfiles – there were a few aspects with which I was disappointed. 

Rent the Runway Unlimited for Pregnancy | Marissa Vicario Health Coach | Amur Lotta Dress

What Could Be Improved: 

  • Customer service: Although extremely kind and helpful (those I spoke with on the phone only), customer service was often hard to reach with long wait-times requiring call-backs hours later. Often times, the solution that customer service offered, while satisfactory, wasn’t properly executed or couldn’t be executed given the limitations of the technology requiring more calls and follow-ups. 
  • The retail store: Going to the retail store was a miserable experience. Not only was the selection poor, but all but one or two of the employees I encoutered were extremely rude and not the leat bit helpful. 
  • Selection and availability: While there is a large and seemingly never-ending selection of clothing, many items I “liked,” or “hearted” were never available in my size. On top of that, availability is like a revolving door – one minute it’s there, the next minute it’s gone so you have to act fast. 
  • Fit: This goes without saying, but there were times when I would try upwards of five or six items before finding something that worked for me. Partly, this comes with the territory of renting non-maternity clothing for maternity use. Living within walking distance to a drop-off location was helpful and made it possible to get replacement items relatively fast, however if you’re relying on UPS, the wait time would be longer and not as instantaneous. 
  • Consistent communication: When an item goes out for delivery, I was supposed to receive a text or email from the courier with a tracking number, but this happened only about 50 percent of the time, never consistently. 

With my wardrobe taken care of, I found I could focus on buying a few pregnancy essentials. In this way, I saved a lot of money and felt good about making a sustainable choice knowing I wouldn’t have lots of maternity clothes sitting in my closet or relegated to a giveaway pile after I give birth. 

If you’d like to try Rent the Runway Unlimited for pregnancy or otherwise, click here and use code RTRMARISSA to get $20 off your first two months of Unlimited ($100 off each month).

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