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Natural Solutions for Common Winter Woes

by Marissa on February 4, 2019

Natural Solutions | NOW Foods natural products

This post is sponsored by NOW Foods. All opinions are my own.

It’s Winter and that can only mean one thing – opportunities are rife for bolstering your immune system (hello sniffles), taking care of your skin (dry air, not fair) and soothing sore muscles. I have endless gratitude for Western Medicine and rely on it whenever it’s needed, but as a Health Coach I also like to supplement with natural solutions for common Winter woes when possible to stay healthy.

When I started working with NOW Foods as an Ambassador, I was blown away by how many of my go-to natural products they actually make and I’ve loved having NOW Foods be my one-stop shop for everything from supplements to skin care. These are a few of my favorite natural solutions and the NOW Foods products I use, love and recommend! 

For Immune Support 

Elderberry //A powerful free-radical scavenger with naturally occurring flavonoids.*   As a centuries-old tradition, it has been used by herbalists as a tonic to maintain health and well-being.*

I Suggest: Elderberry Liquid 

Zinc // Zinc is a trace mineral that plays a critical role in immune system function.* Some studies show that zinc can help to maintain seasonal wellness.*

I Suggest: Elderberry & Zinc Lozenges

Ear Oil //Mullein and Garlic have been used by traditional herbalists to soothe and moisturize the tissues of the ear canal. Apply a few drops of warm oil to the ear and plug with a cotton ball. Persistent ear pain should always be treated by a doctor. 

I Suggest: Ear Oil

For Sore Muscles and Joints

Magnesium // If you’re stressed, drink alcohol, or eat any amount of processed food, chances are you may be magnesium deficient. Up to 75 percent of US adults don’t get the recommended daily amount of magnesium, not just because of lifestyle choices, but also because of the poor soil quality and chemicalized water rampant in this country. Magnesium is a mineral essential to hundreds of different bodily functions and the benefits of magnesium are well worth discovering whether you’re getting enough.* For starters, magnesium can help to naturally relax muscles.* and can promote more restful sleep.* 

I Suggest: Magnesium Inositol Relax Powder 

For Natural Skincare 

Rosewater // A centruries-old beauty secret, all natural rosewater is versatile and affordable and helps maintain skin pH balance. A natural astringent, rosewater helps reduce the appearance of pores, tone skin, counteract fine lines and wrinkles and reduce redness. The MVP of skincare, rosewater is also naturally hydrating to moisturize dry skin and rejuvenate the skin. Its soothing scent promotes relaxation and emotional well-being. 

I Suggest: Rosewater Concentrate and Rose Absolute Oil 

Neem Oil // A byproduct of the fruit and seeds of the evergreen tree indigenous to India, neem oil is rich in Vitamins, E and C, the essential fatty acids oleic acid and linoleic acid and quercetin to help skin maintain moisture and elasticity. It’s also useful as a bug repellant. 

Use neem oil to even skin tone or for a deep hair conditioning treatment, add a few drops to your shampoo, let it sit for 10 minutes and rinse as a treatment for frizzy hair and split ends. It’s also great for teeth and gum health. 

I suggest: Neem Oil and XyliWhite Neem & Tea Tree Toothpaste Gel

Topical Magnesium //For dry skin or tired feet, magnesium applied topically can help to soften and moisturize skin and is especially soothing when applied to a hot bath or foot soak.

I suggest: Magnesium Flakes or Topical Magnesium Spray

What are your favorite natural solutions? If you see something you like or want to try, remember you can get $10 off your order of $40 or more with my code MARISSANOW10 at 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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