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New York City Wellness Guide

by Marissa on August 17, 2018

Marissa Vicario | Health Coach | New York City Wellness Guide | Walking in Union Square

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Once upon a time, I had a corner of this blog dedicated to Healthy Hot Spots – local restaurants that served up “healthy-ish” food which at the time was harder to come by. That was then. Now, New York City is ranked among the 20 healthiest US cities and the NYC wellness resources available are second-to-none. In fact, I’ve visited few cities that come close to offering the food, fitness and self-care options that NYC does. If you want to be healthy, New York City is the place to do it. Having lived here for 15 years and counting, I can say that the NYC wellness scene wasn’t always as robust as it is today. In this NYC wellness guide, I’m sharing the best places to eat, drink, meditate, workout and more to your healthy heart’s desire. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I’ll add to and update it on an ongoing basis. 

Integrative/Functional MDs
Whether you have difficult-to-treat symptoms, have tried everything with a traditional doctor or are seeking a more well-rounded food-as-medicine approach to your health, an integrative, or functional, medical practice is the place to find it. You’ll often have the opportunity to meet with a Health Coach, focus on nutrition and even stress management. 

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture targets patterns of energy flow throughout the body to restore balance and help treat disease. NYC is home to many skilled acupuncturists. With a community model, City Acupuncture is one of the most affordable you’ll find.  

NYC Wellness Guide | health Coach Marissa Vicario | Meditation Center

It used to be meditation happened on your own at home or in underground meditation groups popularized by word of mouth. Now there are a plethora of meditation centers all over the city so you can choose where and when you meditate. 

NYC Wellness Guide | Health Coach Marissa Vicario | healthy vegan and gluten free food

I can’t begin to list the endless options for healthy food available in every neighborhood so these are a few of my favorite cafes for a casual healthy meal or smoothie – many have multiple locations throughout the city. 

I’m not sure how I ever lived without matcha. The super-concentrated green tea is touted for its wellness superpowers and matcha bars and cafes are popping up all over the city.

Urban Retreats 
Gone are the days when you had o travel to five different places to get your wellness fix. Now you can get your vitamin IV, superfood smoothie and essential oils all in one place. 

NYC Wellness Guide | Marissa Vicario Health Coach | Modrn Sanctuary

Holistic Spa Services
In the world of holistic wellness, detoxing and destressing goes beyond massage and body scrubs. These spas are offering healing modalities like cryotherapy, infrared saunas, float therapy and more. 

Alternative ways to detox and de-stress - Salt Cave - Where I Need to Be

Salt Caves
The healing properties of Himalayan pink salt are now available in the city. Breathe easier, cure skin ailments and keep your immune system strong in the city’s salt caves. 

What am I missing? Tell me about your favorite places in New York City to get – and stay- healthy!







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