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Next Challenge: Reebok Spartan Race

by Marissa on April 24, 2013

Reebok Spartan Race Fitfluential

The More/Fitness Women’s Half Marathon came and went. Even though my training wasn’t perfect, I managed a personal record of a whopping 7 seconds.

I barely had time to recover when, like after any race, my thoughts turned to “what’s next?”

When Reebok (the Title sponsor of the Spartan Race series) offered me the chance to participate in a Spartan Race in Tuxedo, Ny. in June, I accepted the challenge.

What’s a Spartan Race?

An obstacle course trail race designed to test resilience, strength, stamina, quick decision making and the ability to laugh in the face of adversity. The race series is global with 71 events scheduled for 2013 and 50,000 projected participants. Obstacles vary by race but some of them include a fire jump, barbed wire crawl, spear throw, wall climb and more to test your physical and mental strength.

What will I wear? 

Reebok ONE Spartan RaceI know the ladies are asking this question! Reebok has provided super-cute clothes and shoes for training. So far, everything has been comfortable and flattering. I especially like the Reebok ONE PWR Fitted Capri (shown in photo above).

Why am I doing it?

Since my early days of running and triathlon, I’ve never been satisfied with the status quo or even hanging on the sidelines. I’ve always had a fire inside me to push my limitations in everything I do. I’ve learned that with focus, determination, will and proper training, I can do anything. The ‘impossible’ becomes possible.

I’ll add one caveat to this because I often see it in my coaching practice: do what feels right and true to you and never force yourself to do activities you don’t enjoy because it’s popular at the moment, everyone else is doing it or you think you should. It never ends well.

So for the next 5 weeks, I’ll be training like a Spartan – although I’m still trying to figure out what that means exactly. Hang with me as I find out!

Have you ever done a Spartan Race? Share your experience with me in the comments. What can I expect? Any training advice? 

Rebook Spartan Races are for athletes of all abilities and levels. Sign up for one near you at or 
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CarliAlice (@CarliAlice)
CarliAlice (@CarliAlice)

I've never done a Spartan Race but I'm pretty sure I wear the same Reebok's you are in the pic. Maybe I'm ready for the race!


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