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Notes from the Weekend: Louisville

by Marissa on April 24, 2017


I’ve been trying to be consistent with these posts even when my weekends are mundane because I want to be really honest about who I am and what makes me happy. A lot of people like to pack a million activities into a weekend, but that’s not what I’m about or how I get my energy. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that the simpler life is, the better.

I’m in Louisville, Ky. this week for my niece’s Confirmation because she asked me to be her sponsor. #Honored. But, the weekend took a disappointing turn rather early on Friday when I got a notification that my 2 pm flight to Louisville was canceled and I was re-booked on the 9 pm flight. Luckily, I hadn’t yet left for the airport, but five minutes later and I would have been out the door. The silver lining was that it gave me some extra time to get some work done and meet David for lunch, but I did miss plans with my mom to go to an art fair. 


When I finally arrived at the airport for my later flight, it was delayed over and over again and I didn’t get home until 3 a.m. Needless to say, Saturday got off to a late start, but included lunch with my mom, a family dinner at my sister’s house and lots of time with my nephew. 


After a run on Sunday, I met my sister and niece at Church, which was followed Confirmation practice, brunch with my mom, sister and niece, shopping and finally, a family dinner.

I’m here for a few more days before going back to New York. Check back later this week because I have a personal and (I think) interesting post planned. 


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