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On Being Young, Female and an Entrepreneur: YFE NYC Inaugural Meet-up Re-cap

by Marissa on November 14, 2012

What’s better than sipping wine in a swank Soho lounge with an amazing group of women?

Sipping wine in a swank Soho lounge with an amazing group of women entrepreneurs, of course!

And that’s exactly what the Young Female Entrepreneurs of NYC did last Thursday at Sixty Thompson.

After eight years here, New York City never ceases to amaze me. In the midst of some of the craziest weather we’ve ever seen — from a devastating hurricane to a freezing-cold snowstorm in just one week — these smart, engaging, funny and energetic women made it out to connect and converse.

As many of us are involved in helping the city rebuild, we’re also actively building our own successful businesses.

Young Female Entrepreneurs was established as an online organization that moderates connections between entrepreneurial women in their 20s and 30s and helps each member on their path to a profitable business.

The goal of YFE NYC (inspired by YFE LA), is to create a place where aspiring female entrepreneurs can make connections with like-minded peers and share ideas in a fun and supportive community.

When I left my corporate 9 – 5, I was suffering from an identity crisis. Embracing entrepreneurship is one of the most rewarding risks I’ve ever taken. I’ve found that many of my closest friends, both male and female, are entrepreneurs and while I LOVE creating connections online and through social media, there’s something about that face to face connection that just cements a relationship.

That’s where YFE NYCcomes in.

Ok, time to stop gushing and share some photos from the evening.

Stephanie, Jessica and Nathalie

Sarah, Marissa and Shanley

 Karen, Tara and Sarah

Karen and Erin

A big shout-out to YFE founder, Jenn, whose vision and support makes this all possible and of course, to Erin, my first-ever virtual friend and West Coast soul sister, who inspired the community meet-ups with YFE LA (going strong since May).

Thanks also to our sponsors and Karen Brown who helped secure our event space.

And to our event sponsors:

LBS Image Consulting

If you want to get involved with YFE on a national level, attend YFE Con, an online conference for women entrepreneurs, this Thursday. Register here

Also look for regular Twitter Chats (#YFEchat) and Livestreams (#YFEtv).

If you’re a young, female entrepreneur in NYC, join us on our Facebook Group and follow the hastag #YFENYC on Twitter.

Have questions about being an entrepreneur or want resources? Let’s chat about it in the comments below. 
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