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The Perfect Gym Bag

by Marissa on November 3, 2016

health coach and fitness blogger marissa vicario shares what she looks for in the perfect gym bag

Can we talk gym bags for a minute today? I seriously feel like I’ve been on the search for the perfect gym bag for years and can never seem to find the right one. 

I totally envy those women who can go from gym to work or gym to dinner with nothing more than their purse, but that’s so not me. Do they have magic makeup and how do they get their hair to look perfect after a workout? Where do they stash their sneakers and sweaty gym clothes?

Last night I attended the launch party for JEMMA’s new Gym Collection, the Birdie Bag, which had many of the qualities I look for in the right bag.

What I Look for in the Perfect Gym Bag:

Function // I absolutley can’t stand carrying a bulky gym bag and a purse, so ideally I like my gym bag to function as both. 

Strap Length //I like an over-the-shoulder strap, but not one that’s too long. The last gym bag I had hit me at a weird place on my hip, which made it uncimfortable to carry. 

Size // It should be big enough to fit the essentials but not super bulky like a weekend bag. I also like something more structured so that it doesn’t take up too much space acommodating all the items inside. 

Special Features // I love a special pocket for dirty sneakers and another one for sweaty gym clothes. Bonus points if it has a comartment for a computer! 

Does the perfect gym bag exist? I want to believe it does, so I’m rounding up some of my favorites from around the web.

Click the below images to shop them. 

What do you look for in the perfect gym bag? What gym bag do you love right now? 

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