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Real Food Reboot

by Marissa on January 12, 2013


Six months ago I left my full-time desk job and became a full-time entrepreneur. Best decision I’ve ever made. I blogged about it and titled the post “Make It Happen” because there are moments in life when you have to take the leap and decide whether you want to be great at something you’re passionate about or just ok at something your heart isn’t in.

I leapt and I’ve been flying ever since.

That post was inspired by my first day “on the job”. I spent eighthours on my feet cooking for this eHow segment. I loved it.

This week I spent five days cooking for a client on my Real Food Reboot. Five days! It was exhausting but it was also incredible!

The funny thing about this is if you had asked my friends and family about my cooking skills as recently as six years ago, they would have looked at you cross-eyed. I seriously owned some old pots and pans and a George Foreman Grill. That’s all.

My love of cooking grew out of my own love-hate relationship with food. I was tired of counting calories, fat grams and sodium. Sick of killing myself in the gym for eating cupcakes. I wanted to eat real food and I wanted it to taste good.

So I got in my kitchen and cooked. I followed recipes. I googled ingredients. Some things I cooked the hell out of. Some things fell on the floor. Sometimes I set the fire alarm off (but the cute boy down the hall helped me turn it off).

I learned.

My passion for healthy ingredients and cooking has become the way I make a living. I help clients in their kitchen, I cook for them and I coach them around how to make their own real food taste better than anything they’ve ever eaten.

And it’s working because this was the feedback I got from this week’s reboot:

I just wanted to thank you for a great week. I enjoyed the cleanse–and feel very good. In general i think it was what i needed -first- you are incredibly professional–delivery on time- everything packaged well and labelled. Your positive energy was felt in all aspects of the “process”.

I’m going to get to the pictures, I promise, but this first:

Cooking is a meditative experience for me so with five days of meditating fresh under my belt, here’s the low down on what was reinforced for me this week:

  • Find that thing that sets you on fire and do it. It’s true that when you do what you love, food and eating is secondary. I was so immersed in my project, I never felt hungry the way boredom can make one hungry. Can’t do it full time just yet? Pursue it as a hobby first.
  • Eat whole, real, unprocessed food that you cook at home. I’m like a broken record on this one. I ate what I was feeding my client this week and ohmygosh I feel energized and clear and happy. Seriously, you don’t need a juice cleanse to feel this way. It CAN be achieved with solid food, happiness and true fulfillment.
  • Dairy, Gluten and Refined Sugar make me feel like crap. Eliminate them from your diet for five days and I guarantee you’ll feel the difference. Im not talking deprivation here. One of the best things I made on the Reboot was a raw chocolate energy bar with dates, nuts and cacao. Gotta have the raw chocolate!

I’m offering my brand new Real Food Reboot by request only at this time. If you want in, either the meal plan, recipes and shopping list all packaged up for you and ready to go, OR the full-on experience with meal delivery, contact me directly at marissa at mwahonline dot com

More of a Total Reset Plan girl? You can still get that too. The Winter edition is available and it’s gooood.  Some of these recipes appear there too!

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