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Roasted Veggie Pasta {gluten-free and vegan}

by Marissa on May 24, 2013

Roasted Veggie Pasta Where I Need to Be


My boyfriend is a pasta-lover if there ever was one and being the good Italian girl that I am, I’m constantly trying to find ways to make it healthier so we can eat together.

This healthy pasta recipe is perfect for warm weather and is more veggies than pasta so you’ll get tons of nutrition with it. I like to make it when I have a lot of vegetables that I want to use up. I’m also loving a mung bean fettuccine I found at Whole Foods recently that would work with this.

It’s optional, but you can add some shaved raw veggies to the top of your pasta along with some fresh basil when it’s finished cooking. The raw veggies add some extra texture and live enzymes to your dish.


2 Tbsps. olive oil + more to taste

Vegetables of your choice (including garlic and onion), chopped
(I like a combination of fennel, kale, bell peppers, grape tomatoes and radishes, but use what you have and like. The more the merrier, don’t discriminate.)

Fresh basil, chiffonaded

juice of 1 lemon

sea salt and black pepper

crushed red pepper

pasta of choice (whole wheat, gluten-free or mung bean)

high-quality parmesan cheese (optional)

shaved raw veggies like beets, carrots and daikon radish (optional)


Preheat the oven to 425 and spread the chopped veggies on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Coat with olive oil, sea salt, black and red pepper and roast until tender (about 40-45 minutes). Cook the pasta according to package directions and drain.

Combine the pasta and veggies in a large bowl. Season to taste with sea salt, black pepper, lemon juice and olive oil if needed.

Top with basil, raw vegetables and/or parmesan cheese if you’d like.

I made this dish for my Italian parents with gluten-free pasta and they couldn’t get enough of it! My dad even said he couldn’t tell the pasta was gluten-free.

Big win!


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This looks so good, I am SO going to try this, this week! I love how easy it is to make :) I pinned! :)

Megan (The Lyons' Share)
Megan (The Lyons' Share)

I love making things like this! I'm definitely a volume eater, but don't want to eat a huge bowl of pasta all the time, so this is a great way to pack in the veggies! Thanks for posting!

Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady
Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady

I love anything with lots of mixed up vegetables. I never really thought of the veggies overpowering the pasta. This sounds good. I think I will let you be my motivation to get in gear to change my own eating habits. I keep putting it on the to do list to change up some things. That's why I don't blog about food at all. We all have our struggles. I think I might add something into the blog for accountability. Anywho, glad your parents enjoyed.


It is so good and simple! Give it a try and thanks for stopping by!

Alexa (katbiggie)
Alexa (katbiggie)

This looks absolutely delicious! Glad I saw your picture on Joi's link up!

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