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Soldier of Steel Transformational Workout Plan Developed by MAN OF STEEL™ Trainer

by Marissa on June 19, 2013

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Soldier of Steel 

David has been trying to get me to the theater to see MAN OF STEEL™ and I have to admit, until last week’s Spartan Race I wasn’t very interested. But now a movie like that takes on new meaning to me. Like I said in my Spartan Race Recap, the course was hard core. It’s no surprise because Spartan race obstacles are heavily inspired by military training.

To be a soldier, you must be physically fit and ready for anything. In the movie, Clark Kent transforms into the MAN OF STEEL™ just like National Guard Soldiers transform when their communities need it.

No transformation happens overnight. It takes hard work and dedication. I trained for weeks to prepare for the Spartan and still felt challenged with several of the obstacles. If only I’d had Hollywood Trainer Mark Twight on my side. He pushed the MAN OF STEEL™ cast, including actor Henry Cavill, with a functional workout plan to help prepare them for their roles.

 Sample 3-day MAN OF STEEL™ Workout
Sample 3-day MAN OF STEEL™ Workout


Anyone can do these workouts and begin a physical transformation. Do you have what it takes?

If you want to train like a Soldier of Steel™, go to where you can

  • Download a one-month training routine developed by celebrity trainer Mark Twight
  • Learn how Mark transformed Henry Cavill into the MAN OF STEEL™
  • Watch fitness training webisodes
  • Receive training tutorials on 23 different exercises (What are air squats? Proper form for a burpee? You won’t have to google it. The how-tos are right there for you)

Have you seen MAN OF STEEL™? Would you try or have you tried these workouts? As a fan of quality vs. quantity in my workouts, they have my approval!

Got a fitness question for Mark Twight? On Thursday, June 20, Mark Twight will answer fan questions on the @NationalGuard Twitter handle. Follow the conversation from 3PM EST – 4PM EST at #TwightTakeover.


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