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Healthy Hot Spot: Dig Inn Seasonal Market

by Marissa on March 29, 2012

When I worked in an office, I longed for healthy lunch options. Believe it or not, I eventually even swore off  deli salads because of the lack of organic produce available and the negative energy of the guys who slapped them together at warp speed behind the counter.

(Hint: Think about the energy in the environment where your food is made and where you eat it. It may sound silly, but the truth is it can effect the quality of your digestion. )

Dig Inn is the answer to any office worker’s prayer for a wholesome, healthy lunch served up in a clean, friendly environment. Formerly called The Pump Energy Food, Dig Inn is part country kitchen and part rustic farm house reminiscent of the local farms from which the food is sourced.

With the name change came a tastier, more simplified menu and a seasonal approach to healthy food.

On the menu are fresh, seasonal vegetables, raw green juices, whole grains and humanely-raised, hormone-and antibiotic-free protein.

I stopped by for lunch on-the-go after a meeting in the Financial District. Though the food isn’t kept as warm as I would have liked, it tasted fresh and homemade.

What I Ate: The small veggie plate with pinto beans, spinach, spaghetti squash and roasted Brussels sprouts.

When I Dined: Lunch, Wednesday

Also On the Healthier Side: You can’t go wrong with this menu. Everything is nutritionally dense, just keep it balanced.

Be In the Know: There are five Manhattan locations and online ordering is available. They also post nutrition and allergen information.


275 Madison Ave.                150 East 52nd St.
NY, NY 10016.                        NY, NY 10022.
Tel: 212 687 7867.                Tel: 212 421 3055.

40 West 55th St.                      80 Pine St.
NY, NY 10019.                         NY, NY 10005.
Tel: 212 246 6844.                  Tel: 212 785 1110.

17 East 17th St
NY, NY 10003.
Tel: 212 253 7676.






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