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Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient but the body makes it naturally when it is exposed to sunlight. It’s almost impossible to get enough Vitamin D from your food. Take advantage of rare sunny days this Winter and soak up some D!



Dosing on D

May 9, 2011
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In desperate need of some warmer spring weather, I took advantage of a recent opportunity to spend this past weekend in Las Vegas. A quick look at the weather forecast indicated that the temperature would be sizzling without a single cloud in sight so my decision was confirmed. Whenever I’m in the sun, I’m reminded […]

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Never Underestimate a Sardine

July 30, 2010
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One food I am loving right now is sardines. There. I can’t believe I said it. You wouldn’t believe the disgusted looks I get when I admit this. But if you have never considered adding sardines to your diet, you should. Sardines are named for Sardinia, an Italian island where large schools of the fish […]

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