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Teas for a Flat Tummy and Good Digestion

by Marissa on March 13, 2012

Coffee has never been my cup of tea, but I do enjoy a hot beverage and when it delivers health benefits, I’m even happier. Today I want to share my favorite teas for a flat tummy and good digestion.

But first, can we talk about last night ? After I returned home from my Junior League meeting, David and I ate dinner and then settled in with a cup of tea to watch Ben choose Courtney on the season finale of The Bachelor.

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This has become our Monday night ritual.

And while it’s probably a good thing that we’ll no longer waste perfectly good brain cells watching the Bachelor (at least for a few more weeks), the tea will remain a nightly tradition.

Being that David is British, he likes to enjoy a cup of tea on a regular basis. I’ve always liked tea but not with as much frequency until I met him and realized that some of my favorite tea had health benefits too.

Now, we have a special shelf in our cupboard dedicated to my tea collection that looks like this. Most of the teas are herbal and medicinal grade which means that choosing my favorite teas can also mean a flat tummy and good digestion in addition to relaxation. 

Marissa Vicario favorite health coach tea recommendations for a flat tummy and good digestionmarissa vicario recommends her favorite teas for a flat tummy and healthy digestion

David prefers to stick with English Breakfast tea but I like to switch things up depending on my mood, time of day and energy levels.

The good news is that tea has many soothing and medicinal properties.

Here’s how some of my favorite teas for a flat tummy and digetion and stack up.

Celebration Herbals Organic Dandelion Root Raw: Dandelion root supports the liver, stimulates digestion and helps the body flush unwanted toxins which often cause acne and other skin eruptions. At the Health and Happiness Summit with Doctor Oz, Dr. Ro recommended two to three cups of dandelion daily combined with a healthy diet. So, yes, dandelion tea can help banish belly fat for a flat tummy and good digestion which is enticing enough to tolerate its bitter taste.

Yogi Tea Green Tea Kombucha: This has quickly become one of my favorite teas for a flat tummy and good digestion. It has a fruity taste that isn’t too sweet or too strong. The combination of green tea and kombucha strengthens the immune system, detoxifies the body and fights fatigue.

Haiku Organic Kukicha Twig Tea: Ideal after a meal, this tea commonly enjoyed as part of a macrobiotic diet  is made from harvested twigs, leaves and stems. I first tried this tea at Souen. I liked the light, nutty taste and became interested in its blood alkalizing benefits which can affect everything from weight loss to tummy troubles and good digestion.

Traditional Medicinals Organic Raspberry Leaf: This is a strong black-like tea especially for women. I use it to support healthy menstruation, including regularity and relief from cramping and bloating. Raspberry Leaf tones the uterus and can induce labor. If you’re pregnant, consult with your doctor before using the tea for this purpose.

Rest & Relax Sampler: I picked up this sampler pack at Whole Foods one night as I was buying ingredients for the dinner I planned to make on a relaxing Friday night in. What can I say, I had sleep on the brain! Four teas are included: Bedtime, Kava Stress Relief, Calming and Comforting Chamomile each of which induces relaxation. Some of these teas list Stevia in the ingredients and I find them to be a little to sweet for my palette.

Good Earth Organic Cool Mint Tea: I love to end a meal with mint tea. This tea is a runner up to using fresh mint leaves. Mint tea also promotes good digestion and helps stave off cravings.

5 Tips for Sipping Tea:

1. To get the full effect and taste of the tea, drink it without sweetener. If you absolutely need some sweetener, use a natural sweetener like Stevia or honey

2. To release the full benefit of the herbs, allow the tea to steep for up to five minutes, but avoid over-brewing which could damage the nutrients

3. Drink tea on an empty stomach to fully absorb the nutrients from the food – never before or immediately following a meal

4. If you are a coffee-lover and are trying to wean yourself off, try substituting one cup each day with a cup of green tea. Once you are comfortable with one cup per day, increase it to two and so on.

5. Just like any other natural food like vegetables, buying organic is best.

What is your favorite kind of tea and why? Do you have any favorite tea for a flat tummy and good digestion? 

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Sarah Kay Hoffman
Sarah Kay Hoffman

Teavana!!! I adore it. I also like the Senna Leaf by Traditional Medicinals. I love tea so much....great post!

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