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Ten of the Best High Protein Snacks

by Marissa on March 1, 2017

The best high protein snacks

I love a good snack. When you’re hungry, the right high protein snack can be a life-saver. It has the power to satisfy a craving and provide an energy boost that can carry you from one meal to the next. 

I’ve noticed there are plenty of misconceptions about snacking. Two very common questions I get are: “Does snacking promote weight loss?” and “What are the best snacks?” 

If you’re eating the right snacks, yes, snacking can promote weight loss, but many people are surprised to find that when they do snack, they don’t lose weight or they feel even hungrier than they were before they ate the snack. 

That’s because not just any snack will do. To snack right, choose a high protein snack that also contains fat and fiber. When I figured this out, it changed everything.

Here is a list of some of the best high protein snacks. All of these snacks are whole foods heavy and avoid anything packaged or processed like protein bars. 

One // Nuts: Just about any kind of nut works, but you can also create a mixture of your favorite. I like pecans, cashews, almonds, walnuts and pistachios best. 

Two // Breakfast Cupcakes These breakfast cupcakes are my latest obsession. I omitted the honey to lower the sugar content and topped them with coconut yogurt. I paired mine with a hard boiled egg for a more complete mini meal. Bonus: they’re also gluten and dairy-free!

Three // Hard-boiled Eggs: I truly can’t think of a more perfect snack. It hits the spot every time. Hard boil your eggs in advance so you can grab them on the run and always eat the whole egg for the most nutrition. 

Four // Bone Broth: Not only is it nutritious and filling, it’s also good for your digestion and your skin, hair and nails! You can sip it plain, but for an even more satisfying snack, use your bone broth as a stock for chicken and vegetable soup and have a cup mid-afternoon. 

Five // Pumpkin Seeds: These crunchy little protein powerhouses are always a healthy treat. You can buy them raw and in bulk, but I love these which come in a variety of flavors. I’m a big fan of the spicy ones. 

Six // Tuna with Crackers, Cucumbers or Peppers: Often underestimated, a can of tuna is a great snack paired with gluten-free or rice crackers. I love these. For a grain-free option, use cucumber slices or rainbow pepper boats. 

Seven // I Quit Sugar Protein Bites: These are like little chocolate bombs but without the sugar and with allll the fat and protein. Get the recipe here

Eight // Chia Pudding: Chia pudding is basically a blank canvas for any flavor or toppings your heart desires. Get an easy fool-proof recipe here

Nine // Protein Shake: Most people blend their favorite protein powder with a banana and call it a day, but that makes for a sugary shake. Try blending vanilla protein powder with blueberries, nut butter and cinnamon. For a chocolate shake try it with frozen avocado and zucchini and a little cinnamon.  

Ten // Celery and Carrots with Nut Butter: Go back to your pre-school days with this kid-friendly snack that adults love too. It’s totally portable. Get creative with your nut butter – choose from cashew, almond, sunflower, pecan and walnut butters. 

What’s your favorite high protein snack? 



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