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The Magic of Mason Jars

by Marissa on August 22, 2011

About a year ago, I developed a certain obsession. Not the typical kind, like the ones you have with a food or maybe even a celebrity. No, this obsession was with a $1 glass vessel with a metal lid, typically used in canning. That’s right, folks. I have a certain something for Mason jars, and I collect them in all shapes and sizes. My love of Mason jars started because I liked the simple, rustic look and has blossomed because of how functional they truly are.

Of course, Mason jars are best-known for their use in pickling, canning and preserving, but the fun doesn’t end there. I’ve discovered a number of other practical uses for them.

A mug for toting and sipping green juice (I also freeze green juice in a Mason jar) – the lid vacuum-locks freshness in and keeps it leak-free.

A storage container for homemade nut milk.

A decorative way to gift food

A stay-fresh way to store dry goods like beans, whole grains or granola

An ambiance-inducing candle-holder (try tea lights)

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A vase for buds and blooms

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A device for sprouting seeds (more on this in a future post)

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While writing this post, I learned that antique Mason jars are somewhat of a collector’s item, the value of which is determined by age, rarity and condition.

Mason jars have become so popular you can now find them in almost every supermarket, but I like the price and selection at Fishs Eddy or Bowery Kitchen Supply at Chelsea Market.

I’m sure I’ve only just scratched the surface, so tell me, have you discovered a unique way to use a Mason jar?

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