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Training and Racing

by Marissa on June 30, 2015

training and racing - Women's Mini 10K medal - Where I Need to Be

I used to spend a fair amount of time on this blog talking about training and racing. If you’ve been reading for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted about my training and upcoming races since my NYC Marathon Race Re-cap last November. 

That’s because I’m not currently training for a race and I don’t have any plans to. 

Training burns me out and races stress me out. Yet somehow it’s always been something I enjoy in some weird way so I’ve endured the cycle. 

After the marathon, I decided to spend some time doing my own thing and only return to training when it called me.

Exercising for enjoyment and fitness has agreed with me.

Instead of being a slave to a training plan, I take classes, like Barry’s Bootcamp, whenever I want to instead of worrying about how to fit them in with a training plan. I do as much strength training as I need to (that always suffered when I trained because of time constraints), I spend less time in the gym with more efficient workouts and go longer when I feel like it. I listen to my body and give it the workout it’s asking for instead of a training plan telling me how to exercise that day. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean my days of training and racing are completely over, but I’ve enjoyed the time off. My mental focus is now completely on my business, our new home and planning for a family. 

I miss it sometimes so I may go back to it, but right now I’m happy to be right where I am.

Where are you right now with workouts, training or racing? 

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