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Tuesday Tip: 3 Secrets for Stellar Digestive Health {How to Get a Flat Tummy}

by Marissa on March 19, 2013

Fit built woman measuring her waist


Initially, I wanted to title this post “How to Get a Flat Tummy” and leave it at that.

Isn’t that what many women want, anyway?

But I didn’t want to lead you on, because, it’s not really about the flat tummy or achieving some unattainable standard of beauty.

The real issue we need to address is that what’s happening on the inside expresses itself on the outside so if you want something like a flat tummy, clear skin or even happiness, you’ve got to look inward first.

So with that, sit back and watch this short video for a few of my secrets for stellar digestion because according to Dr. Frank Lipman, most “dis-ease” in the body can be traced back to digestion.


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