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Tuesday Tip: How to Make Your Own Sports Drink

by Marissa on June 25, 2013

How to Make Your Own Sports Drink

Exercising outdoors in the summer heat can deplete your body of electrolytes, the chemicals in your body fluids responsible for muscle performance and the optimal function of the body’s many systems. Sweating out electrolytes in the summer heat means that you’ll need to replace them.

While there are several sports drinks marketed as a way to help you replenish electrolytes, many contain refined sugar, artificial colors and other junk that you’re body can’t use. It’s like the equivalent of drinking a soda or eating a candy bar post-workout. But have no fear, because you can make your own sports drink at home with only a few ingredients — and it tastes good!

Click the video below for the simple recipe and to watch how quickly it can be done.

This recipe comes from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition


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I'll making a batch of this tomorrow...THanks for sharing!

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