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Under Armour What’s Beautiful Re-defining The Female Athlete: Illness & Injury Edition #IWILL #Whatsbeautiful

by Marissa on June 4, 2013

Illness & Injury

Last week my Under Armour clothes and shoes arrived, but I have yet to enjoy anything because I’ve been laid up with a bad cold since after Memorial Day weekend.


Even when you eat for energy, illness happens. This week I’m getting real about the injury and illness that have set my goals back since this challenge started.

As someone who pushes myself to 110 percent at all times, I don’t always take the down time I need. As important as it is to set and achieve goals, you’re only as strong as your rest days. I break it down in the video below.


Here’s where you come in:

1. Anyone can join in on this campaign and I’d love to have you sign up, declare a goal and create your page.

Click here to do that now. 

2. Follow me so we can support each other. I’ll follow you back.

Find my page here. 

3. Everyone competes as individuals but you can join as many teams as you’d like to help you reach your goals.

Join my Team, Eat for Energy!

Under Armour provides challenge prompts to keep you going and motivated along the way. Creating a video like the one I did here is the first challenge so get started!

If you’ve joined the campaign, leave a comment here, share your goal with me and leave a link to your page so we can all follow and support each other!

There are cool prizes involved for the winners like a retreat to Costa Rica with Under Armour so give this your ALL!

Not into declaring your goals publicly? You can do it privately. I’m offering a limited number of free, 30-minute Your Body, Your Life strategy sessions to help you get clarity on your health and wellness goals then tackle them head on. Contact me to claim your free session. 

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Megan (The Lyons' Share)
Megan (The Lyons' Share)

I completely relate to this!! I often push myself too hard and find it hard to force myself to slow down. I think it's pretty amazing that our body has ways to force us to do so, but I'm learning not to make it get to that point. Thanks for the honesty!

Carly L
Carly L

So true! I just got a cold after avoiding one all winter. I read Thrive by Brendan Brazier and have found his commentary on the subject very meaningful- he's said to pay attention to when you get sick. Often, if you're pushing yourself too hard, your body will be able to get you through that really stressful time, but immediately afterwards you'll get sick because you were pushing your body too much to begin with. I got through my crazy week- and started getting sick as soon as I was finished with the crazy period.

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